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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Serene Sunday - Omoi Haruka by Kawai Kenji - April 6. 2014

I have been hearing more and more Japanese music recently.  We have been watching many different family friendly Japanese anime, and some of them are truly works of art.  They have distinctive story lines from a different cultural viewpoint, a Japanese viewpoint.  So much different from the stories that come from our Western culture, Japanese stories are filled with honor and a respect for authority.  

The music from many of these animes or cartoons can either be good rock n' roll (a great beat even though I can't understand the language) or peaceful and serene.  The use of traditional Japanese instruments is widely used - especially wind instruments.  They have such a tranquil note to them. 

Here is "Omoi Haruka" from the anime Seirei no Moribito.
Composed by Kawai Kenji

Have you all have a very pleasurable day!

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  1. I'm thrilled to see this article, as I'm a die-hard Otaku, thanks to my daughters, and love anime and manga as much as they do. My daughters and I are also very much into j-pop and j-rock, and thanks to the anime conventions we frequent, we've actually seen some of my favorite Japanese bands live in concert. Unfortunately, my favorite Japanese band, M.O.V.E has disbanded after a decade and a half of providing the opening and ending songs for the Initial D anime, plus additional songs for the Initial D arcade games. I was fortunate enough to see them not just once, but twice, live. I'm not fluent in the language as my middle daughter is, but I can pick up some of the words - mostly I just love the sound of the Japanese language being sung. It is definitely a language that combines well with music. The next J-pop concert I'll be attending will be at ACEN (Anime Central), which is just outside of Chicago around the middle of May. This will be our 13th year attending ACEN.

    1. We just got done watching the dubbed versions of Deltora and Intrigue in Bakumatsu - Irohanihoheto (this one is more for older children 14+). We are debating on whether to watch the remaining Deltora episodes that are only subtitled. They are only on YouTube and the subtitles go quickly.

  2. I to love to hear these songs, and some of their rock groups are dynamite, and even the love songs I may not understand the words, but they say that music is the universal language, and that it is. I can feel every emotion of their songs be it be rock or romance. Your picture here... oh, how I wish I was there it is beautiful. What a lovely song this is. Thank you so much for sharing. Bless you on the Lord's day. I went to church this morning, and thanked the Lord for all the wonderful friends that he has brought me through blogging. Even though we're on the other side of the U.S. from each other I feel like you're right next door that I can come here and say HI NEIGHBOR! Have a blessed day! HUGZZZZZZZZ to you and your family from your favorite Dolly! hehehehe


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