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Friday, April 25, 2014

#ShopletReviews - Recycled & Made in the USA - Roaring Spring Paper Products Available at - Review

Many thanks to Roaring Spring Paper Products and for sending me a huge bundle of notebooks and folders for this review.  I received no other form of compensation, and all opinions are 100% my own.

So many of us have kids in school.  I currently have one in college and one still studying high school here at our home school.  Have you ever noticed how much paper just one of your kids goes through in a year for one subject alone?  Especially if you have one in college.  Notes, notes, and more notes!, the place to shop for office supplies, has a huge array of different types of notebooks and folders that they sale for great prices, but I was just sent to review the recycled and made in the USA Roaring Spring Paper Products.   I am very happy with the quality of these recycled products.  My kids were so happy, that I had to make sure that they didn't take them and start using them until I got pictures of everything.

My daughter, the physics grad, loves these Wide Landscape Pads.  They are touted as great for note taking for scientific applications.  They are and 8"x6" college ruled pad, 40 sheets each, with a nice solid board in the back.  They come in the three colors of orchid, blue, and pink for each 3-pad pack.  The paper on the pads is stapled and bound with a black tape.  Each sheet is perforated at the top.  These paper is recycled and contains a minimum of 30% post consumer waste.  They are not flimsy, and quite sturdy for note taking with ease.

There is nothing like a positive outlook on life, and with these Good Sign notebooks and folders, one can spread cheerfulness wherever they go.  The wirebound notebooks are very well made.  Each notebook has 70 sheets of white recycled college-ruled paper.  The backboard on these notebooks is sturdy and think.  When you pick it up it does not sag like the "cheap" notebooks I buy at my neighborhood nationwide department store.  I think the only improvement that Roaring Spring could do with these "Good Sign" notebooks would be to perforate the paper.  I don't care for the chad that you get when you have to tear the paper out.

My college son really liked the designs on the "Good Sign" laminated folders.  These folders are made from recycled post consumer waste, nice and shiny, and sport such a promote such a nice message.  They are nice and heavy duty with two inside pockets.  My son's favorite one is the green with the "Celebrate LIfe" message on the cover.  We do celebrate life in our home - from conception to natural death, and he does like to carry and share this message!

I just love colored paper.  It makes my note taking for reviews much more funner and exciting.  The Roaring Spring Enviroshades One Sub Notebook is full of excitement.  These notebooks have 80 sheets of 15lb college ruled perforated colored paper.  There are four different colors: flamingo, aqua, plus, and my favorite - kermit!  The front poly cover coordinates with the color paper on the inside.  The backing is a nice and heavy - these don't sag either.  Open it up and there is a double pocket to store loose papers such as a class syllabus and test papers.  My son isn't too hip on color papers, but my daughters really like these a lot.

Here are my favorites out the whole package that I was sent: the Roaring Spring Lifenotes Notebooks.  This is a smaller notebook, only 7"x5", and it's the perfect size to put in my purse!  With 80 sheets of college ruled perforated paper in those same fun colors of kermit (such a cute name), flamingo, plum, and aqua, these just make my day.  There is a cute foiled design on each, a small double pocket on the inside, too.  I take notes constantly wherever we go, whether it is our current shopping list, an item that catches my eye and I want to investigate it further, phone numbers, you name it, I write it down to remember it.  The cardboard backing is nice and sturdy, and writing notes is very easy. 

It doesn't matter whether it is the beginning of a semester or in the middle of one, our kids need paper for their schoolwork.  Buying recycled paper products is not only good for the environment, but just makes good sense.  Buying paper products made in America is good for our economy.  Do both by buying Roaring Spring Paper Products at

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