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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tamron 18-270mm Auto Focus All-In-One Zoom Lens - Mother's Day Review & Giveaway - ends 5/14 US

I received a Tamron AF 18-270mm Lens from Tamron for this review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own.

As a mother, I have always loved taking pictures of my family and the lovely scenery around me.  We thought in 2006 that it was time to upgrade our little Olympus point-and-shoot (which I still have) to a more professional camera that we could exchange lenses with.  We chose the Nikon D40 which came with an 18-55mm lens, and we also bought another Nikon lens that zoomed to 200mm.  I found that over the years it became a bit of a hassle to always exchange the lenses as I wanted to be careful not to ruin the mount nor get any dust (plentiful here in the desert) inside the camera body.

Taken with my little old Olympus Point and Shoot
We are so thankful to Tamron USA for sponsoring this Mother's Day review for you, my readers.  We gladly welcomed into our family the Tamron 18-270mm auto focus zoom lens with Vibration Compensation and Piezo Drive for digital SLR cameras.  This is an all-in-one lens that eliminates the need to change lenses from a standard to a zoom lens.  

The last few weeks of taking shots has really been so delightful.  Everyone has been taking so many pictures of little flowers to pictures of what little snow is left on the mountains.  We love that we did not have to change lenses from taking the scenery shots to the portraits of the family for Easter.

We decided to head to Big Bear Lake to show the zoom capability of the Tamron AF 18-270mm lens.  I stood next to the Big Bear Lake dam and took pictures down towards the Solar Planetarium around three and a half miles away.  The first picture the focal length of the lens was at 18mm with the planetarium way in the distance.  I gradually increased the focal length to 270mm as noted on the pictures.  These pictures are all full size, so just click to see the details.

Again, I took a series of three pictures of the mountain behind our home at 18mm, 100mm, and at 270mm.   The detail of the mountain is very clear at 270mm.  We have never been able to get this quality before.

We were surprised to find a raven on top of this "Lizard Head" rock.
How nice it is to have the perfect all-in-one lens that focuses with perfection quickly and accurately!  On my old zoom lens, my auto focus has not been working so keen as of late.  We have been manually focusing the old Nikon lens.   For me, that means that I must get my reading glasses out to focus properly.   The ability of the Tamron 18-270mm lens to focus so quickly, quietly, and with such precision is due to the unique Piezo Drive technology (PZD) of Tamron.  Check out the video to see how this lightweight piezoelectric technology works.

Not only will the Tamron 18-270mm lens give you great portraits and zoom shots quickly, but will also keep the shots more clearly in focus with its Vibration Compensation (VC) feature.  I tend to shake the camera when I take close up shots.  They just end up blurred so I delete and retake.  The Tamron lens VC system will help eliminate the blurry pictures.  This feature can be turned on or off on the side of the lens.  I find with my shakiness, I just leave it on.  Here are two pictures below to show the VC feature of the lens.

Desert Broom
Do you notice the clarity of the flowers with the VC turned on? 

There are so many great features to this Tamron lens!  Another feature I like is the ability to lock the lens in place so that it won't extend out to the 270mm focal length while you have the camera strung on your neck. 

On the other side of the lens is the Auto Focus (AF) to Manual Focus (MF) switch.  I still like to try my hand at manual focusing.  It's fun to experiment.  Below that switch if the Vibration Compensation (VC) switch to turn that feature off and on.  The lens is at the 18mm wide angle setting with the included lens hood.

Here is the lens shown to its full focal length of 270mm and the petal-shaped lens hood.  The lens hood helps to protect the lens of the camera and to keep light flares off of your images.  Tamron recommends that it stay on the lens unless it gets in the way of your shots.  Generally it might get in the way of flash photography of closer objects.

The Tamron 18-270mm is an award winning camera lens!  It has won three awards - the two shown on the box and the Professional Photographer Hot One Winner of 2012.


When you buy a Tamron lens, be sure to register it.  The 18-270mm lens comes with Tamron's outstanding warranty protection for six years.  Tamron also knows that it is hard to be without your lens, so if you have any problems with your lens, Tamron guarantees your lens to be fixed within 3 business days!

Who wants to take great pictures, either wide angle or zoom, without having to change the lens? My family does!  It is so nice to take great pictures with the all-in-one Tamron 18-270mm AF Lens with VC and PZD for our Nikon D40.

Buy it! The Tamron 18-270mm lens will make a great hit this Mother's Day as the lens to use to take great portraits of Mom and the family.  Not only on Mother's Day, but this lens would give you great pictures all year long!  This lens has a retail price of $449.00, and you can buy it at any Tamron authorized dealers.  I did find it at Amazon for less, plus right now, Tamron is offering a $70 mail-in rebate that is valid from April 1 to June 30, 2014 on this lens.  You can find the pdf on the link above to claim your rebate.

Please note: the Tamron 18-170mm lens fits the following digital camera mounts: Nikon, Canon, and Sony with an A-mount.  (The Sony mount does not include the VC image stabilization functionality, as the body of the Sony digital SLR camera includes image stabilization functionality.)  

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In celebration of Mother's Day, Tamron USA is giving away the 18-270mm lens to one lucky person with a compatible camera.  Please do not enter if you do not have a digital Nikon, Canon, or Sony A-mount camera.  This giveaway is for US residents only, and will end on May 14, 2013.  By entering this giveaway you agree to the terms and conditions as stated on the bottom of the GT form.

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