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Friday, May 30, 2014

Air Plants Are Unique & So Easy to Grow - Find Them At The Air Plant Shop - Review & Gift Card Giveaway - ends 6/20 US

I received air plants and a glass holder from The Air Plant Shop for free in hopes that I would mention this on my blog.  No other compensation was exchanged.  All opinions are my own.

I remember when I was a teenager, my mom and grandmother both had an air plant refrigerator magnets.  I was always fascinated with them just growing there and not needing much attention at all.  They just stayed pretty and green despite not being planted in a pot.

I have rediscovered air plants!  I have not seen air plants in I don't know how long.  They are truly unique plants.  They require no soil and are very easy to care for.  As to where you can get air plants?   I found the best place to get air plants - at The Air Plant Shop online.  

There are so many beautiful varieties of air plants available at The Air Plant Shop.  The Air Plant Shop is a family run business in St. Augustine, Florida.  It's run by two sisters and their brother, Abby, Jody, and Scott James.  They were always enamored with the air plants that grew wild in their Florida region when they were kids, but actually, these Florida varieties were a hassle to get and grow.  When they grew up, Scott decided it would be a great business to get into.  So Scott began the process of acquiring numerous South American and Central American air plant species in his own nursery for mailing to homes everywhere. 

Scott at The Air Plant Shop sent me five different varieties of lovely air plants and one glass teardrop terrarium with a flat bottom.   Aren't they all so pretty and unique looking.  So different from any potted plant.  The one in the middle is set in the teardrop terrarium that I got from The Air Plant Shop.  All the other are set in stemless wine glasses that I had up in my cupboard.  The rocks that we set the air plants on are from our collection that the kids have gathered over the years.  Let me tell you bit more about my new air plants.

The Bulbosa is a wiry looking air plant.  It has waxy, curling leaves of green and many shades of purple. The leaves appear to be fluttering in the wind or reaching for the sun! Leaves explode into red when it blooms to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators. These are 2" to 4" beauties and are endemic to Central America.  This tillandsia bulbosa air plant was shipped budding to me, and I waiting to see the lovely bloom when it appears.

The Caput Medusae was sent to me already blooming.  Isn't it lovely with it's shades of pinkish red to purple reaching up and over.  Named for the Greek goddess Medusa and her hair of snakes! Caput Medusae is one of The Air Plants Shop most popular tillandsia. The leaves are smooth and project up and out from a bulbous base. A very unusual species of air plant native to Mexico, Guatamala, Costa Rica and Panama and sometimes called the Octopus plant. When the Caput Medusae air plant blooms you will be amazed by her blushing leaves and bursting bloom. These air plants are 4 to 5 inches tall and 4 to 6 inches wide.

 This one really stirred my interest when I first saw it at The Air Plant Shop.  Houston air plants seem to form a fountain of green shooting out of their base. The trichomes on their leaves give them a silver sheen. The Air Plant Shop sells Houston air plants that are 3 to 4 inches tall and 4 to 5 inches wide.  Even though mine is not ready to bloom, I am waiting for the day that it will.  It has a beautiful reddish bloom that will rise above their dark green leaves.  It's going to be a sight to see it burst into color.

We get a kick out of the looks of the Ionantha Rosita air plant.  It's appearance reminds us of the top of a pineapple.  Ionantha Rosita have the most beautiful blooms you can find! They transform from a deep green to the most beautiful pink and red leaves with violet flowers shooting from their center. Rositas are larger than most Ionanthas and will grow up to 10 inches tall. Spectacular! When you order one or more, the Ionantha Rosita will be 3 to 5 inches tall when you receive them.

This Ionantha came to me blooming.  When I first got it, the Ionantha's leaves were blushing red.  It wasn't a week later when two purple stems sprouted upward.  Ionantha Fuego air plants are one of the most popular little air plants in the world. They are only two inches tall and one inch wide but they produce some of the most spectacular blooms of yellow, red and violet flowers. Most Ionanthas are from Mexico and Central America and they produce pups at a fast pace creating a ball shape over time. Check out the Ionantha Mexican Ball for a taste of how impressive these little guys can become.

Since the Ionantha is such a darling little air plant, it was the perfect size for the Teardrop Terrarium with a flat bottom.  This teardrop terrarium has a hook for hanging or set it on its flat bottom. Perfect for displaying any of your Ionantha species or plants that measure less than 4 inches high and 2 inches wide. They look great in groups especially when you add one or two with a tea light! This item measure 5. inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.  This is just one of the terrariums that you can get at The Air Plant Shop.

Taking care of air plants is super easy as they are hardy little plants.  Like all plants, air plants just want light, air, and water.  They have no roots and get all their nutrients from the air around them.  Indirect lighting is best as direct sunlight can dry them out too quickly.  A 20-30 minute soak in water once a week is plenty of water for them.  If you have municipal water, it often has some chemicals such as chlorine and/or fluoride.  Try to avoid city water and use some bottled spring water.  Even better to use would be water from a creek, rain water, or well water. The best way to tell if your air plants need a little water is when they feel soft to the touch, and the plant will be lighter in color. Give just this little effort to your air plants, and your air plants will be happy and healthy!

What I received from The Air Plant Shop was just the bare plants and the one terrarium since I had everything else I needed to make a beautiful display for my home.  In the Air Plant Shop's Gift Section, there is everything there that you need to put together your own display of air plants, or terrariums with everything included: air plants, sand, and decorative shells.

Do you own a store where you would like to stock up and sell air plants?  Buy your air plants wholesale in quantities of at least 12 each at wholesale prices!

Perhaps you are planning a wedding or other social event?  It's always nice to have favors for everyone to take home.  There are just so many cute air plant event favors at such low prices that you could afford to make sure everyone goes home with a little air plant of their own!

See The Air Plant Shop Super Specials page and save 30% to 60% off.  

Shop The Air Plant Shop for beautiful air plants all at terrific prices!  See The Air Plant Shop Super Specials page and save 30% to 60% off.  Each and every air plant that is sold comes with a 30 day guarantee for free replacement

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With so many thanks to Abby, Jody, and especially Scott, one person is going to win a $30 Gift Card to The Air Plant Shop.  This giveaway is for residents of the US only, and will end on June 20, 2014.  By entering this giveaway, you agree to the terms and conditions stipulated at the bottom of the GT Form.  Only the first entry of a blog post comment is required - all other entries are optional (but the more you enter, the better chances of winning.)

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