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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#ShopletReviews - BIC Pens Are Always Reliable

I received a package of the following Bic pens for free from for this review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are totally my own.

One great pen company has had a commitment to quality since it's founding back in 1945 France, and that is Bic pens.  Did you know that the old reliable Bic Cristal pen was introduced in 1950, and Bic is still manufacturing that pen today.  Why I know we have several in our desk drawer right now.

While the Cristal pen is still with us, Bic has expanded their line of pens considerably since its founding.  At, the online office supplies superstore, you can find any and all Bic pens - and for a reasonable price, too!  Shoplet sent me out a package of some great Bic pens to review for you.

Here's the one that I am really excited about getting.  It's the BIC Tech 2 in 1 Retractable Ball Pen and Stylus.  These Bic Pens are a high-quality stylus for a wide variety of touchscreen devices at a great value. Stylus glides across screens easily providing fingerprint-free precision and control. And your stylus is also a retractable ball pen with BIC's incredibly smooth Easy Glide System Ink.

I got two of these pens, both are a pretty pink.  One of these Bic Pens is for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  In 2012-2013, BIC USA Inc. donated $200,000 to Susan G. Komen in support of its promise to end breast cancer forever, and the pink package and pen commemorates this foundation. 

I am so happy to have a few of these 2 in 1 Sylus pens.  It makes working with my Kindle so much easier than using my finger.  It is really easy work with one end of the pen to the other when to using the stylus to the pen.  The stylus just glides across my Kindle nicely and accurately.  Now I don't have to worry about the smudges that I get from using my fingers.  These pens sell for only $5.50 each at Shoplet.

To further on with more of the Bic Pens that are sold with the Susan G. Komen Foundation in mind, the BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Retractable Pen that is sold in a four pack.  These pens feature an Easy-Glide Systemup to 35% smoother writing compared to traditional BIC ball pen ink system. Soft cushion grip gives you great no-slip comfort.

With the cushioned rubber grip, they feel nice to write with.  It's so charming to write in pink ink, too.  Another great feature to this pen is its pink crystal translucent barrel and a shiny metal clip.  These features really enhance the beauty of this pen.   Buy these pens at Shoplet for only $3.54 for a pack of four.

The next two pens are for people who like to stock up as they are sold in boxes with a dozen pens each.  The first is the Bic Intensity Permanent Pen.  These pens provide smooth, vivid lines that are permanent on paper but won't bleed through, though these results could vary based on the paper characteristics that you are using.  Once the ink has dried, it is smear and water resistant.  It has a needle point to give you a very fine line.  With its design of the metal wraps and clip, it makes for a very professional looking pen.

I really like a nice fine point pen with black ink when writing out checks, and this is one of the finest that I now have.  It works well in my hand when I write.  The weight is perfect - not too heavy and not too light.  I do wish it was a retractable pen only because I have a habit of losing tops.  All-in-all, it is one nice writing pen that I will continue to use for writing checks and signing special documents.  The BIC Intensity Permanent Pen sell in a box that contains 12 (dozen) pens for only $12.26.

The other box of Bic pens that I received to review is the BIC Velocity Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen.  These pens my kids are wild about!  All of them grabbed at least one to keep.  They are crazy over gel pens probably because they are a very smooth writing pen.  My kids love to doodle with these pens.  I must admit, that they do make doodling fun as the pen just glides over the surface of the paper.

With its permanent acid-free, fade-resistant gel ink, the BIC Velocity Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen provides skip-free, effortless writing.  It is a finger-friendly pen as its contoured grip enhances writing comfort.  To keep your pockets and purses clean, it is a retractable pen.  Buy the BIC Velocity Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen in a twelve-pack box at Shoplet for only $7.76.

The last item on my list are permanent markers.  This Bic Mark-it Grip Permanent Marker Set has fine tips. These pens will make permanent marks on most hard-to-mark surfaces such as glass, metal, photos, foils, coated papers, CDs, DVDs and most plastics.  The Grip Permanent Marker is a durable pen-style permanent marker with a rubber grip for comfort and control.  This is a five marker set with four colors - 2 in black, and one of each of the following: blue, red, and green.  They are long-lasting, durable, with its vivid ink certified as AP nontoxic.

I find that fine tip permanent markers are best when we mark our newly ripped CDs and DVDs.  With the four colors, we can get a little creative.  With a few artists in the house, our CDs and DVDs have lots of pictures on them.  We needed a new set, and the kids and I are very thankful that we have a great set of Bic Bic Mark-it Grip Permanent Markers.  The Bic Mark-it Grip Permanent Marker Set sells for only $3.39 at Shoplet.

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