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Thursday, May 8, 2014

#ShopletReviews - Officemate New VersaPlus Desk Organizer & Recycled Plastic Landscape Clipboard

I received the following Officemate products from for this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

I do so enjoy testing out office supplies from  This last items that I received have really become a favorite for me.   From Officemate, the VersaPlus Desk Organizer and a Landscape Clipboard were items I never thought I would come to enjoy so much!

When I first got my first computer in 1999, I got a beautiful real wood desk for under $100 at the same club store.  It was wonderful as it has two nice little drawers and a file cabinet with an extra drawer on it, too.  It still is a great serviceable desk, but the small side drawers have just been stuffed full of things that keep me from finding pens and pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, and other little oddities. sent this new desk organizer from Officemate: the VersaPlus Deluxe Desk Organizer with Photo Insert.

This desk organizer brand new from Officemate.  I really love how I am able to make it personal with the addition of a photo.  Now I can daydream and gaze upon my new little granddaughter while I don't get my work done.  Everything is at my fingertips now.  The swing out compartments easily store all the little things that were getting lost in the side drawers.  The two-step pencil/pen compartment keeps my pens and long pencils separate, but still so easy to grab - they don't get sucked into a deep hole.  On the top are three little trays with the middle the size for Post-It Notes. In the envelope section, I have been putting my pads of paper as I am always writing notes.

As for writing notes, I usually have little Post-It Notes everywhere around the book case on top of my desk to keep my reviews, doctor appointments, telephone numbers, and just reminders handy.   The desk really starts to look ridiculous with all the yellow notes everywhere.  I have now reorganized all those notes and put them on one landscape clipboard.  The  little Post-It Notes are now gone, and I have everything listed on the clipboard.  With it in the landscape position, I really feel that I have more room to write.  I do have it on the wall next to the desk using the strong wall clip that does retract back down into the strong low-profile metal clip.

I never liked clipboards to use before as I am left handed, and as like most lefties, we write upside down to mimic right-handedness.  If your a lefty, you probably know what I am talking about.  Regular clipboards are just uncomfortable for me.  With this landscape clipboard, my hand has a place to rest, and I am able to write on it just fine.  I will take it with me outside as I did the other day when we had workmen over to check out our well.  Writing down what they said proved easy, and with the strong clip that holds up to one inch of paper, the paper stayed right where it should and didn't move around at all.  Having this Officemate Landscape Clipboard being made from 60% post-consumer recycled plastic really helps our environment.

Find these quality Officemate products at Shoplet.  The Officemate OIC VersaPlus Functional Desk Organizer (item #OIC23112) that has 9 total compartments, 2 are slots for photo and envelopes or notes, (5.5" Height x 6.2" Width x 6.3" Depth) is only $16.46 each.  The Officemate Recycled Plastic Landscape Clipboard (item #83050) holds Paper 8 1/2" x 11" (clipboard actual size is 12"w x 9"h) is only $6.64 each.  If you buy 4 or more, Shoplet does offer a discount.

Perhaps your in need of items for your home or business - has everything you will need.  From office supplies to office stationary to promotional products to promotional shirts customized for your needs,  your one-stop online shop is

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