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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Cold Steel Kudu Knife - Swords of the East - Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My family is actually quite into knives - for work and for self defense.  When my one daughter headed off to intern at NASA, and when she headed off to grad school, she had a knife with her on her belt.  Living alone and basically being alone wherever she goes, she wanted to at least have a deterrent at her waist.  She believes it has been a deterrent so far.

I, also, like to keep a pocket knife in my purse wherever I go.  I have my grandfather's old pocket fishing knife with me.  It's a bit heavy, but works for my little needs of opening things up every now and then.  Since we do like good knives, when I saw the chance to review a Cold Steel knife from Swords of the East, I was happy to sign up.  I am not the expert in the family on knives, so I enlisted my son's help in writing this review of the Cold Steel Kudu.

About the Kudu Knife: It is a South African inexpensive ring lock folder is sold everywhere. It’s a good design, but it’s constructed from sub-standard materials, is poorly made, and is horribly overpriced. And yet, millions of these knives are sold there each year. Well, Cold Steel thought they could do better, in the quality of materials, cutting performance, and in price.

The Cold Steel Kudu, takes some cues from its South African competition, but Cold Steel's version is vastly superior. It has a Krupp 4116 Stainless steel flat ground blade, heat treated to Rc 56-57 for better edge holding ability and ease of re-sharpening, and a thin razor sharp edge.  For safety, they thoroughly tested the locking mechanism and are well satisfied it will hold the blade rigidly open until you decide to close it by pulling up on the ring attached to the back spring.

The handle of the Kudu also reflects Cold Steel's dedication to making an effective and affordable folder. It’s made of 43% glass reinforced Zytel®. This material has proven to be extremely strong, and is stiff enough to compliment the blade and spring when locked open. Plus, the gripping surface has a wood grain texture for traction and features an attractive polished steel Kudu horn emblem for a little extra flair!  Cold Steel believes the Kudu represents an unbelievable value. It’s ready for anything and makes a wonderful work knife, utility knife, bait knife, or hunting knife.

Review: The KUDU Knife from Cold Steel that is sold at Knives of the East.  The Cold Steel Kudu is thin and light (weighs only 2.4 oz.).  It would be a good field knife, camping/hunting knife, utility knife where you have to cut open stuff a lot.  It is not a knife for self defense.  The handle is solidly built, even though it feels a little cheap, but it is nice and light.  When opened, the shape of the handle makes the knife feel good in the hand.

The blade has a nice mirror finish.  Pretty much with any knife with a polished finished, you want to make sure you keep it clean.  If you leave your fingerprints on the finish, the acids from the oils of your fingers will start to ruin the finish after a while.  So you would want to clean it thoroughly now and then.  so get a cloth and wipe it clean until there are no visible oils on the finish.

When closing the knife, sometimes the ring bothers the finger when pulling on it to close it as you have to really pull on it to release the spring.  As for closing, it is a bit hard to do.  I am grateful that there is for safety reasons, there are little  to keep it from closing too fast so that you don't cut your fingers.  This knife is not quick to open or to close.

It does seem a bit hard to close it.  I, myself, can't close it, but any of my boys in the house, can.  The way that Cold Steel recommends it being shut, my son does not like it for in case you accidentally close it too hard and too fast, you may slice open your fingers to the bone - it's that sharp.  So he has figured out a way to close it to keep fingers away from the open blade as shown below.

Sharpening: We have not sharpened it yet as it did come extremely sharp.  I have heard that Cold Steel knives stay sharp for quite a while before you have to sharpen them. The blade has a German 4116 Stainless steel flat ground blade, heat treated to Rc 56-57 for better edge holding ability and ease of re-sharpening, and a thin razor sharp edge.

Comes to you razor sharp!
Buy It: The Cold Steel Kudu Knife is only $8.99 at Swords of the East.  What a great deal!  At this price, it is a quality knife that would be a perfect Father's Day present.

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