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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - There is Magic In the Clouds - May 7, 2014

Just some sweet clouds to share with you all.

Sorry, no linky for today as I am off visiting my brother-in-law.  We are wishing him a happy retirement.  Don't you think he deserves a little fun and laughs after being stuck in the post office for 41 years, walking two to three routes a day, and traveling 4 hours a day to and from work?

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  1. Whoa! That's dedication - your BIL traveled 4 hours to work each day? Definitely deserves a fun retirement send-off! Have fun!!

    Meanwhile - I'm awestruck by the amazing shot of the awesome clouds! :)

    Feels Like Storybrooke

  2. Holy Cow you not just whistlin' Dixie there girl! Wish him happy retirement from me too! What the heck & tell him it's time to Woop it up! God bless that man! Whew! Those clouds when you were a kid didn't you ever lay in the grass and make pics out of the clouds? This one looks like one of those funnel clouds brrrrrrr give me a chill for sure!!! Thanks for sharing! And hope you have fun at your BIL

  3. Wow, those clouds are awesome. I would have ran for my camera, too!

  4. Love that cloud, as a kid I used to watch clouds for hours and try to imagine images in them, still do sometimes!!
    Thanks for stopping by this week!!


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