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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday with Linky - Scott's Oriole - May 28, 2014

This last week, I have had a Scott's Oriole dipping into our hummingbird feeder.  She squeezes her beak between the two breaks (which open for cleaning), and snitches the nectar.  The hummers were a bit ticked with her.

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  1. Hi Danielle, thanks for stopping by this week, your so cute, look there double banners, TY. Yes humming bird feeders double for drinks for the other feathered friends, we have the same thing happen, speaking of I need to refill mine.
    Have a great day!!

  2. How clever of her! Cool shots, too! :)

  3. I get the black Oriels in my yard all the time. They have a really pretty song

  4. Birds are interesting to watch, and this one must have been a real treat. Thanks for joining my WW linky party. Have a fototastic week! ;-)


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