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Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby-BeeHaven Dream Feeder Nursing PIllow - Feed Your Baby in Comfort - Review and Giveaway - ends 6/22 US

I received a Dream Feeder nursing pillow from Baby BeeHaven for this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

In all of my years of nursing each and every one of my six children, there were times when I was just uncomfortable.  Most arms on chairs just are not tall enough to support your arm while you are holding your baby just right to nurse.  After a while, no matter how long you've been breast feeding, you are will just get cramped.

Oh, how I wish I had the Baby-BeeHaven Dream Feeder memory foam pillow when I was nursing my babies.  You would have laughed out loud to see some of the positions I would get into just to find a comfortable one to nurse.  When I first saw the Dream Feeder pillow, I knew that now that my daughter has a newborn, she will need to find that comfortable position.  My daughter is very happy with this pillow.  It makes feeding her baby comfy without those cramps in the arms.

My pillow just has a cotton cover - not minky plush
The Dream Feeder nursing pillow is 100 % cotton and comes with a Velcro band that secures the pillow and keeps it in place during feedings. Memory foam in the pillow helps to provide adequate support for the baby’s neck and head, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your infant’s muscles won’t be strained while baby is nursing. No matter where your baby gets hungry the Dream Feeder is great on the Go. The nursing pillow also features a plush cushion that keeps your arm from having to support the weight of your infant’s head during breastfeeding. This prevents your arm from becoming strained or falling asleep. The cotton fabric of the pillow is soft and provides a comfortable feel that you and your baby will enjoy.

Secures to your arm with a Velcro band
I remember nursing in those weird positions in the middle of the night and waking up with kinks in my back and neck.  I would try piling pillows up, but nothing seemed to work.  When I talked with my daughter last night on the phone, she told me that the Dream Feeder nursing pillow was just the right height for nursing.  The memory foam pillow offered the perfect support for the baby's head and is just the right size.  She tried piling up pillows, too, and was totally dissatisfied with that experience just as much as I was.

My daughter is just as committed to nursing her baby as I was.  I know that nursing creates a great feeling of closeness with your baby.  With each nursing, the bond between me and baby grew stronger, and my love for that baby was tremendous.  I still fondly remember that feeling of love while nursing.  My Great-Grandmother Lola, God rest her soul, said to me of breastfeeding, "It is the most beautiful sight in the world!"

BUY IT: Would you like to feed your baby in comfort with this great nursing pillow from Baby-BeeHaven?  This one-of-a-kind pillow will provide total comfort for you and your baby, making bonding time a dream.  Buy the Dream Feeder Nursing Pillow directly at Baby-BeeHaven.  It sells for only $24.99

Having a baby is a big responsibility - Think of all the things that could harm your baby, and protect your child from harm!  Never allow baby to fall asleep on the Dream Feeder Pillow. Do not allow baby to lie face down on the Dream Feeder Pillow. Do not use for sleeping. Do not leave baby unattended.

Baby-BeeHaven's whole product line was created by a mommy for mommies, daddies, and of course, for our little ones, too.

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With many thanks to Baby-BeeHaven, one person is going to win a Dream Feeder Nursing Pillow in the same cotton covered fabric that I reviewed.  This giveaway will end on June 22, 2014, and is open to US residents only.

The only mandatory entry is a blog post comment to find something else you like or learned about Baby-BeeHaven.  By entering this giveaway, you agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the GT form.

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