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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lil Booty's Adventure Wipes - Flushable, Convenient, and Right Where You Need Them - Review

I received samples of Adventure Wipes to facilitate for this review.  No other compensation was received.  Needless to say, all opinions are entirely my own.

Here I am back East helping to take care of my new little granddaughter.  What a little hand full she is, but what a little bundle of love.  While here, I know the importance of keeping myself clean after using the restroom, and while cleaning her little bottom.  

I received a package of four packages of Lil Booty's Adventure Wipes before I headed off to help with my daughter with the baby and helping her keep house.  I just knew these wipes would come in handy while I was here.  After having six children of my own, and now with a little granddaughter, having wipes in the house, even after all of these years is a must for us.

Now I have the most convenient wipes ever!  Not only are Adventure Wipes soft and hypoallergenic, but they are also flushable.  They are safe for both sewers and septic users.  At home, we have a septic system, and these wipes, using them at the recommended one or two per flush, did not clog our septic system.  Here at my daughter's, there is no problem with flushing them at all.

These wonderfully moist hypoallergenic wipes do so well with baby.  They are soft and gentle on her and have not caused any irritation.  The light scent is pleasing to my daughter, but the wipes do come non-scented as well. 

Here is the best feature that I really like about the wipes - they hook onto standard toilet tissue holders so that they are at their most convenient place which is right next to the toilet.  While they are good for cleaning baby, I think their best place is next to the toilet for older children and adults to clean up messy times.  Because they are flushable, messy times and any smells are easily taken care of with a flush. 

The wipes container is an attractive addition hanging from the tissue holder.  It comes in four different colors to complement your bathroom decor.  I have blue and yellow, but it also comes in pink and green.   Inside the refillable wipe container, there were darling little matching stickers and temporary tattoos for the kids.

Wondering where you can find them?  If you live in the New Orleans area, you can purchase Lil Booty's Adventure Wipes right at most Walgreen's and other drug stores in the area.  Most of us in the rest of the country have the convenience of purchasing Adventure Wipes online right from the comfort of our home and having them delivered to our door. Buy Adventure Wipes Today!

Lil Booty's Adventure Wipes come from Sterling Global Products, the makers of BouDe wipes for women and Bob's Butt Wipes for men.  To keep up with the latest news on Lil Booty Adventure Wipes and on all of Sterling Global Products, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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