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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Adventures Begin with the Ogden Made 25th Street Tote-ally Awesome Bag - Review

I received an Ogden Made 25th St. Tote for this review.  All opinions are my own.

I will be visiting my daughter again soon, and I will be taking back some of my cookbooks with me.  One of these is a big heavy book, so I am going to be needing a big heavy duty bag to tote them in.  I don't want the ignobleness of taking them in a grocery bag, and none of my tote bags that I possess would serve the purpose of keeping my books clean, safe, and dry. 

Was I ever fortunate that I was contacted to do a review for the 25th Street Tote-ally awesome bag from Ogden Made.  Ogden Made began as just some sketches and a home sewing machine just to create some bags for their makers.  As they built these bags, they fell in love with them and decided that their project could be more than that, it could be their destiny.  They looked around at their community of Ogden, Utah and saw an opportunity to create local jobs and support their community.  They named their company, 'Ogden Made' to create awareness for the awesome town in which they live.

25th St, Ogden, Utah - Photo: Wikipedia
I just love this 25th Street Tote that I got from Ogden Made.  This tote was named after Ogden's 25th Street that was once the center of Ogden's debauchery. It's now the place to eat amazing food, shop the farmer's market or just enjoy an evening on the town.

This tote-ally amazing bag is perfect for all of my needs.  It's a great size to fit my cookbooks to tote to my daughter's, and it's going to be great to take with me to the beach once I get there.  I can use this tote for so many different things, even as one of my reusable grocery bags.  It's going to become a great purse to take with me when it rains - it's water resistant!

Made with tough 1000D CORDURA® fabric that is highly water resistant, this bag will keep all my possessions high and dry even if I get wet.  CORDURA® Nylon is a textured nylon for a natural spun-like appearance, with excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew. Quick drying, and highly water repellent.  Even the zipper won't let water get to my belongings - it's a water-proof YKK® AquaGuard® quality zipper.  YKK® zippers are one of the best zipper brands in the world.  With this zipper, you could almost ask "What zipper?"  The handles are two-inch webbing handles keep the tote comfortable to carry around.

Sleek looking YKK® Zipper
In a tote bag, I love a big open space with just some small side pockets.  The 25th Street Tote serves my purpose to a "T" with it's big open space, and just the right amount of inside pockets of three pen/pencil holders, a pocket that will fit your phone or a pad of paper.  Clip your keys to the attached key faub and never lose them went your out.  On the outside there is one more front X-Pac pocket.  This adds extra style to the bag. 

Back of Tote
Firehouse Red
This is a casual bag with a nifty style.  The CORDURA® fabric has a very nice sheen to it that makes the bag shimmer a bit.  This tote comes in eight different color shades all combined with black.  The color that I have is sky blue.  It's a beautiful color that makes our blue sky look a bit dull.  Black is always the perfect enhancer for any color, and really makes this tote a eye catcher.  All the colors of the bag a fun and bright making this bag perfect for summer, and one is bound to match the color of your favorite flip-flops!

All of Odgen Made bags are sewn together right in Ogden, Utah with people who live right in the community.  Each bag is signed by the artisan who made it proudly declaring the high standards they hold. Try to find a signature on cheap stuff from another country either south of the border or across the ocean.  My sky blue 25th Street Tote was made by Jenny on May 5, 2014.  Thank you, Jenny, for sewing together my awesome bag!

BUY IT!  Purchase the Odgen Made 25th Street Tote in your choice of one of the eight colors right at the Ogden Made website.  The handcrafted 25th Street Tote, USA made right in Ogden, Utah, which measures measures 11.5" X 18.5" X 5.5", is priced only at $85.


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