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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The 10" Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri Featuring Greblon - Review

Disclosure: The 10" Green Earth Frying Pan featuring Greblon was provided to me from Ozeri for this review.  No compensation was received for this post and the views expressed here are my own.

Visiting my daughter and helping to take care of my little granddaughter has been a delight for me.  I love getting up each and every morning and grabbing the baby so that my daughter can snatch a little extra sleep that she lost during the night.  The only thing I did not like about this time was breakfast.  My daughter's frying pans are terrible!  They just stick, stick, and stick some more.  Cleaning them is such a hassle that I would love to throw them out with the trash instead of trying to scrub them clean.

Not anymore!  Now we have a new frying pan in the house that does not stick, uses less oil, and clean up is fast, fast, super fast!  The pan that has changed the way breakfast and all meals is the 10" Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri which utilizes a textured ceramic non-stick coating from Germany called Greblon.  Greblon is an ultra-safe 100% PTFE and PFOA free ceramic non-stick coating .

With the German technology of Greblon, you will find absolutely no harmful heavy metals or chemicals.  It's a durable scratch-resistant ceramic coating that can be found in nature.  Neither will there be any harmful fumes from the Greblon surface, and it is completely Eco-friendly.  The ceramic pan surface is enhanced with an elevated texture which creates air pockets to distribute heat underneath the food to enhance your cooking.  This pattern, along with the German technology of Greblon will also help to prevent food from sticking for a superior non-stick performance and super easy cleaning.

The whole of the pan is made of die-cast aluminum.  Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, and the heat does spread evenly over the pan (no hot spots).  For those with induction heat stoves (like I have at home), the Ozeri Earth Frying Pan has a magnetized bottom for rapid heat transfer on the induction stoves.  The silicone handle keeps your hands cool, and it makes the pan very comfortable to hold.

Uses Only a Small Amount of Oil
For Healthier Cooking

The Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri is designed to use only the smallest amount of oil.  In the 10" Green Earth Pan, only a 1/2 teaspoon of oil is recommended - olive or vegetable oil is best, but you can use butter or other natural oils.  Just rub the oil evenly into the surface of the pan with either a soft cloth or a paper towel, and remove the excess.  The goal is to create a very thin film of oil across the surface of the pan - at the microscopic level.  Believe me, this will cook your food to perfection!

The Big Breakfast Test

My husband wanted to see how well the Ozeri Green Earth Pan lives up to its word of being non-stick with just a little oil by creating a breakfast of hash browns, eggs, and French toast.  He used the tiniest amount of oil, rubbed it around the pan, wiped out the excess, and started cooking.

First - freshly grated potato.

Fried to a nice beautiful brown.

Without adding any extra oil, in went the French Toast.

Now don't they look good!

Again, without adding oil, in went the eggs.  He did flip them over, and they did not stick to the pan at all.

Breakfast is done, but still in the pan?

Just slid right out onto the plate!

My husband was super pleased with his breakfast.  Not only did he use only the tiniest amount of oil needed, the pan kept its non-stick performance throughout the three different courses that were prepared in it.  The food was cooked evenly, and tasted great!
As with all good quality non-stick pans, never use sharp utensils as you may harm the surface of your pan.  Always use plastic or wooden utensils.  When the pan is cooled, we hand wash immediately with a gentle soap and water, dry with a soft cloth, and put our pan away.  Never stack anything into the other pans or metal utensils directly onto the ceramic surface - use the Ozeri Pan Protector to stack.

With my other Ozeri pan, I put it away where nothing will ever get stacked into it in a special place in the cupboard.  Ozeri has come up with the perfect solution so that now I can stack my pans with the Ozeri Pan Protector.  This special pan protector is designed to  to protect the surface and coating of the Ozeri frying pan against scratches during storage.  Just place it inside the pan and it's all protected.  (It is not a hot pad, and is not to be used as such.)

The Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri Featuring Greblon, the textured ceramic non-stick coating from Germany, can be purchased from Amazon.  BUY IT TODAY!  It is a quality non-stick pan for only $14.95.  It comes not only in the 10" size, but also in 8" and 12".  

Ozeri - Quality You Can Count On!
For Your Home, Kitchen, Bathroom, Health and Fitness

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