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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#1 Best Magnetic Screen Door - iGotTech - Review

Many thanks to for sending me one of their Magnetic Screen Doors for an honest unbiased review.

My husband has been wanting a screen door for the garage door for ages.  He likes to work in the garage, but hates to leave the doors open due to all the flies and other bugs we have in the desert.  Yes, there are just as many flies in the desert as else where (people generally tend not to believe me).  He really doesn't like traditional screen doors because if you don't close them properly, they won't keep out the bugs.

My husband now has a screen on the back door of the garage, and it's not a traditional metal one either.  It's the #1 Best Magnetic Screen Door from iGotTech.  He thinks it's great as he or anyone has to worry about closing it properly to keep out the bugs.  It just closes and shuts tight on it's own!

What is the difference between a #1 Best Magnetic Screen Door compared to a traditional screen door?  

A traditional screen door has a hydraulic cylinder that will shut the door for you.  Being a contractor's wife, this cylinder must be adjusted properly or else the door will either shut too softly thus never closing properly, or if it shuts to quickly with a bang, it may spring back and not shut either.  Oh, if this breaks, you either have to get a new one or just get a new screen door set which can run into quite a lot of money.

The #1 Best Magnetic Screen Door relies on magnets in the middle of a soft but strong mesh screen to close.  It has no hydraulic cylinder that needs adjusting.  All you have to do is walk through and it just falls into back into place.  The magnets pull together and close the door seamlessly! #1 Best Screen has the full 83" height stacked with 26 powerful magnets - BURIED in the reinforced adjoining edges, so they'll never break or fall off. Install properly and you will have NO GAPS along the entire vertical closure. That means NO BUGS!

Here is the #1 Best Magnetic Screen on the back door of our garage.  Now anyone that goes in will have a bug-free environment as long as they keep the big garage door shut.  It actually has become quite comfortable in the garage with the back door open and the water cooler running.  It's so easy to get in and out.  It shuts quickly and efficiently, and keeps those flies that are just waiting to come in - out.  Plus, it looks great, too!

The mesh is super heavy duty, but quite soft.  If you've tried other flimsy magnetic screen door before, you'll notice the difference right away. #1 Best Screen has toughest, heavy mesh construction. If you have mosquitoes and other biting bugs besides flies, they will stand no chance of getting in.

The #1 Best Magnetic Screen is there to stay around our door.  The ENTIRE FRAME of iGotTech's #1 Best Screen is lined with reinforced Velcro. There is no screen door that offers this. With super-duty Velcro around every inch along the top and both sides, and additional support nails included, there's NO chance of this screen falling down, and NO chance of bugs.

This is really easy to install!  I have a qualified contractor of a super hubby to install, but I could have done it easily myself. But, if you think you may have some difficulty, iGotTech Creative Department has made an easy installation video to ensure you get your #1 Best Screen quickly installed right the first time, to maximize bug-free bliss.

Would you like to keep all of those unwanted flying critters our of your home?  Buy #1 Best Magnetic Screen on Amazon and get the best screen door you will ever need.   It's perfect for a home with children or pets, too, as it so easy for them to just get right on through.  You won't have to worry if they will shut the door right - it will just close together every time with NO GAPS!  Perfect for RVs as well.

If iGotTech's #1 Best Screen construction quality, or anything about the product is not up to par: THEY WANT TO KNOW. Their Top Priority is your satisfaction, and stand behind their products 100%. That means if you don't like it, you can return it for a FULL refund, no questions asked. Simple as that! There is No Risk in trying this Premium Product Today.

At iGotTech, they are a bunch of guys that like to think they can provide better solutions to everyday life.  Being on the cutting-edge of technology is important to them, but they also appreciate simplicity.

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