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Monday, September 29, 2014

Bosley Discovers the Waterfall - A Dual Language Book by Tim Johnson - Review

Tim Johnson kindly sent me a copy of his book, Bosley Discovers the Waterfall, to review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Being a homeschool family for so many years, we have tons of books.  From picture books, the Great Books, to college textbooks, we are just loaded with books.  We loved sharing books with our children when they were young, yet none are like the one children's book I just received to review from author, Tim Johnson.

Tim Johnson writes fun and interesting books for children in a dual language format.  The text in English is written side-by-side to the same words in a different language.  These are simple phrases that makes it easy for a child to learn a new language.  

I received the book, Bosley Discovers the Waterfall, in both English and French.   In the book, Bosley the bear learns that in the beauty of nature, there can also be some danger involved.  One must always be careful when exploring and venturing to learn about new things.

With this book, I have been teaching my youngest son some words and phrases in French.   He doesn't really see it as learning something new, he really enjoys the story and learning how to read it in French, too.

For children, learning a new language in the context of a story is such a powerful learning tool, because they can use the images, character, and plot to help them remember works and phrases.  This is so much better than just an ordinary textbook, which can become quite boring.  Even simple foreign words and phrases can give a child a completely new perspective and open their eyes to anew ways of seeing the world.

All of Tim Johnson's Bosley books work the same way with self-guided teaching methods of:
  • Simple Phrases
  • Highlighted Vocabulary
  • Corresponding imagery
  • Line-by-line Translations
My son and I are really enjoying Bosley as he discovers the cascading waterfall in both English and French.  This book also comes in other languages that you and your child can explore and learn: English/Spanish; English/German; English/Italian; English/Russian; and English/Hindi.  All of Bosley Discovers the Waterfall books are available at Amazon.

While visiting Japan as a teenager, author Tim Johnson discovered the power of bilingual books.  In 2007, he founded the Language Bear bilingual bookstore and is committed to educating children in foreign languages as a tool for increasing cultural awareness and gaining new perspectives.  He lives in Maine with his wife and twin boys.

Bosley Discovers the Waterfall is just one of a series of Tim Johnson's Bosley dual language books.  Each one seems to be a delightful story, and each also will help your child discover a new language.

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