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Friday, September 5, 2014

Crafting with Verilux Natural Spectrum Lighting - Brookfield Desk Lamp - Review

Verilux kindly sent me the Brookfield Desk Lamp in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received.

I fell in love with embroidery when I learned it in my home economics course in junior high. It is one of my passions in life.  Over the last ten years, I have not been able to sit and sew for long periods of time like I used to.  I thought it was just my eyes getting older, but it really was our switch to fluorescent lighting that has been my problem.

Like many people, we tossed out our old light fixtures with those incandescent bulbs years ago and switched to fluorescent lighting as a way to be more green in our household.  In reality, there is a big difference in the amount of light, and the nature of the light itself.  Fluorescent lighting is on a different spectrum, and when you take pictures with just that lighting, you find that it is not as bright as you think.

Crafting, and in particular embroidery, really became a nuisance to me.  I would sit, and just get tired of it after just a little while.  The project that you see in the pictures on this post was started over ten years ago.  Trying to sew in the fluorescent light just tired my eyes, got tiring in general, and many times, I would wind up with a headache.

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Embroidery has become a pleasure once more for me.  I recently came across a lighting company that offers a different type of fluorescent light - one that is more like natural daylight.  This lighting comes from Verilux.  Verilux Natural Spectrum® lighting is scientifically tuned to the human eye, and refined to include the best of Natural Spectrum® daylight without the harmful or unnecessary wavelengths. This visually efficient light reduces eyestrain and fatigue enabling people to read, or work on arts and crafts longer and with better concentration.

Verilux kindly sent me their Brookfield Desk Lamp to me so that I can test it out and see if their lighting is as true and comfortable to the eyes as they say it is.  I am amazed at the difference with working with the Verilux Natural Spectrum® lighting.  I can literally sit and keep sewing all day if I had the time.  I don't feel any eye strain.  The lighting brings out all the colors and the definition of the 28-count fabric that I am using.  Seeing the fabric so well keeps me from making stupid mistakes.

Not only am I seeing more clearly now with less eye strain, the Brookfield Desk Lamp is an attractive addition to my home.  It was fashioned after apothecary lamps that were introduced at the 1904 St. Louis World Exposition.  It does come in two finishes: brushed chrome and aged bronze.  The aged bronze complements my home so well.

The Verilux Spiral Fluorescent Bulb uses only 18-watts of power, but this energy-efficient lighting system provides the equivalent of 75 watts of incandescent illumination.   Have you ever noticed a flickering with a regular fluorescent bulb?  Verilux invented and equipped all of their bulbs with Flicker Elimination Technology™ that combined with the filter over the bulb, the Optix® Glare Control, altogether virtually eliminate fatigue and eyestrain.

Made with a solid all metal construction, the Brookfield Desk Lamp is built to last.  The handle is meant for one touch positioning, but I find I do need two hands to get it in the position that I desire.  The head tilts perfectly to where I want the light to be.  The switch at the base is an old-fashioned rotary switch that is easy to turn it on and off.

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Actually, I got quite a bit done on my embroidery in the last few weeks that I have had the Brookfield.  I would have done more, but had to take a time out due to a bad cold that went through the family.  What you see in the picture is only the light from the lamp.  I find that I have to turn off any other fluorescent light in the area that I am working, as it hampers the Verilux light.  I only need to use this lamp and no other light.

The Brookfield Desk Lamp is available at, retails for only $129.95 and comes with Free Shipping.  You risk nothing when you buy a Verilux Product!  They have a 30-Day Risk Free Return Policy.  If for any reason your Verilux product fails to meet your expectation, Verilux will refund 100% of your purchase price.  If you are a crafter like me, you deserve a Verilux desk or floor light as they deliver the brightness, contrast and clarity needed for reading, hobbies and detail work.

Check out the Verilux Website for more information on the products that they offer.

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