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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Recomposed by Max Richter - Experience Vivaldi: The Four Seasons Like Never Before - Review & Giveaway ends 10/2 US/CA

I received the CD, Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons from Universal Music Classics in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received.

Be it classical or more up-to-date, music is life in our home.  Because of my drive to learn to play the piano, I fell in love with classical music in my teens.  Even though I cannot play well enough for most of the great classic music, I love to listen to it.  Recently, I have discovered someone that has recomposed some of the old classical music to give it a little more flair.  I am speaking of Max Richter and his Recomposed version of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.

Max Richter has taking Vivaldi, not to change it, but to open it up and add his own mastery into it.  Vivaldi is still plainly heard, but there is just more too it.  He turned it into his own.
"I wanted to open up the score on a note-by-note level, and working with an existing recording was like digging a mineshaft through an incredibly rich seam, discovering diamonds and not being able to pull them out.  That became frustrating.  I wanted to get inside the score at the level of the notes and in essence rewrite it, re-composing it in a literal way." - Max Richter as quoted from the booklet included in the CD in text by Nick Kimberley
Opening up the score and turning it into a modern masterpiece is what Max Richter has accomplished.  It is vibrant yet soothing.  We love to listen to it just to relax.

Max Richter is a trailblazer in the world of contemporary music. Continuously re-imagining the possibilities and blurring the lines between genres, Richter has made a career of opening doors that once never existed. Most recently, he has chosen the task of revitalizing a masterpiece of nearly three hundred years. Inspired greatly by the piece himself, Max used this project as an opportunity to bring The Four Seasons to the attention of 21st-century music lovers, and the result is a beautiful contemporary work with the spirit of 18th-century Vivaldi beaming throughout.

From the blooming of flowers in Spring, to the storms of Winter, Max has done a fantastic job of capturing all the natural beauty and emotion of all four seasons.

Photo: Eric Weiss/DG and Deutsche Grammophon
About Max Richter:

Composer, musician, producer, remixer and collaborator extraordinaire, Richter defies definition. An enigma he may be; what is beyond argument is that he is one of the most prolific musical artists of his generation.

Inspired equally by The Beatles and Bach, punk rock and ambient electronica, Richter blends baroque beauty with minimalist methodology, classical orchestration with modern technology.

The result is a monumental body of work encompassing concert music, operas, ballets, art and video installations, multiple film, theatre and television scores and a series of acclaimed solo albums incorporating poetry and literature.

In March 2014, Max Richter signed an exclusive contract with Deutsche Grammophon.  The next chapter of his extraordinary career is now set to unfold...Listen for him on HBO's new show, The Leftovers.

Get the Vivaldi's Four Seasons App for iPad. Learn more here.  With this app, you will be able to:

Listen to all four concertos of the Four Seasons and Recomposed in CD quality; the original performed by Trevor Pinnock and The English Concert, Recomposed by Daniel Hope, Max Richter and the ensemble l'arte del mondo.

With the touch of a finger, isolate an individual section in the BeatMap of Max Richter's ensemble, and listen to that instrument playing above the rest of the orchestra.

Watch the performances with synchronized score and BeatMap, accompanied by a beautiful visualization of colors as you listen through the performances.

Discover the acclaimed BeatMap - a groundbreaking visualization of the performances that shows different sections of the orchestra pulse in time with the music.

What Max Richter has done to Vivaldi: The Four Seasons is amazing and so beautiful.  To learn more about Max Richter and the Recomposed series - visit  Discover more about Max Richter at Max Richter Music

Would you like to listen to this music in your own home or on your music player?  BUY Max Richter: Recomposed AT AMAZON!  You can choose either the CD, Vinyl Album, or in MP3 format.


With many thanks to Universal Music Classics, I have one CD of Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons to give to one of my readers.  This giveaway will end on October 2, 2014, and is open to residents US and Canada 18+.

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