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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Uncorked Ventures Wine Club - Creating Connoisseurs of Wine - Review

I received a one month shipment of wine from Uncorked Ventures Wine Club in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received.

Occasionally, I like to have a small glass of wine with dinner.  What kind of wine do I drink?  Well, just what I find down at the grocery store.  It's always a hit and miss situation with the grocery store varieties.  I want a good wine, but I don't know how to pick wine.  I would really love to become a connoisseur of wine, but I don't have the time to learn, and I don't have the time to travel to vineyards to find great wines.  I also want to impress family and friends when they come to visit with a great wine when they come to visit.  What can I do to become an overnight connoisseur of wine?  Join the wine club at Uncorked Ventures!

Being a California girl, I know all about the vineyards and world class wines that are coming into being all the way up the coastline into Washington State.  How thrilling it would be to take the time to visit them all - to go on a wine tasting tour.  But in reality, I can't see that happening unless I become independently wealthy, or make it into a career.  Uncorked Ventures is the story of two brothers-in-law that took their love of wine and made it into a career in finding the very best of wines for us all.
Uncorked Ventures Founders
Matt Krause & Mark Aselstine
Matt and Mark at Uncorked Ventures do all the traveling for us to find unique vintages of wine.  They personally visit the vineyards, talk with the winemakers, and come out of it with exceptional wines that they share with us.  These sensational wines will never be seen on a grocery store shelf.  In fact, the only way that you would probably every be able to get these remarkable wines would be to visit the vineyard yourself! 

The best of wine country is at your fingertips at Uncorked Ventures.  Wines are selected from quality vineyards located in California, Oregon, and Washington.   Most wines are unheard of, but they are exceptional, distinct, precious, rare, and definitely unforgettable!   The wines come in either a gift basket or, to become the connoisseur of wine to impress your friends, a monthly wine club.

I did achieve my dream of becoming an instant connoisseur of wine as Uncorked Ventures sent me outstanding choices of a white and red wine as part of a one month shipment of their Explorations Wine Club.  These are both exceptional bottles of wine, and our friends and family were entranced with both of them.  Let me tell you more about these enchanting wines.

It is not often that I find a white wine that I like, but this choice from Uncorked Ventures is quite a delight.  The White Wedding II Proprietary White Wine comes from the San Francisco region, and was was named to become popular for weddings, and I do believe it is a good wine to serve for one.  It was first a trial blending that got more refined of Napa Sauvignon Blanc and Sonoma Voignier.   The Voignier takes some of the acidity out Sauvignon Blanc leaving it a bit more fruitier.  Mark Aselstine describes the wine as a bit more acidic that what he thought it would be, and I agree with him, but it is a good and truly unique white wine.

With its beautiful color gold coloring, and flavors of nectarine, hints of citrus, and even an almond or other nut flavor, the White Wedding is best served with salads, seafood, shellfish, pear and other late spring and early summer pairings.  It went over splendidly with the chicken I served friends the other day.  Even though I am not usually a white wine drinker, which frustrates my family, but this white wine is one that I can indulge in.  It's a truly unique wine that is quite good.

Now here is a red wine that really excites our palates.  The Pinot Noir from Mercy Vineyards is truly a superior red wine.  Bursting with notes of wild berries, black cherry, raspberry cream, earth and baking spices, and a hint of oak (from the French oak barrels it spent eleven months in), this richly textured wine is superb!  This captivating wine stunned my family last week.  They never thought that I, a newly ordained wine connoisseur, would bring to the table an absolutely fantastic wine.

The Mercy Vineyard is located in the Arroyo Seco AVA riverbed corridor near Pebble Beach, California.  The cool climate of the Arroyo Seco gives it a long growing season for grapes.  The wines that comes from this area are highly respected by critics, but are all but unknown to regular people like you and me.  Mark and Matt truly found a winning wine for us in the Mercy Pinot Noir as it has won numerous awards.

Pinot Noir is a very versatile wine.  It can be paired with traditional items that you would have with a red wine, but can also be partaken with items that can be considered as a "white wine dish."  It's great with a good zesty red pasta dish, or you can serve it with your grilled chicken.   Great with pork, salmon, steak and beef, turkey, portabello mushrooms, and Gruyere cheese.  We served the Mercy Pinot Noir with grilled steak.  What a super hit is was!

The Wine Club at Uncorked Ventures would be a great investment for anyone aspiring to 'wow' their friends and family by becoming an instant wine connoisseur.  Each shipment of unique wine is carefully selected by Matt and Mark.  The wine is well packaged and shipped with great care ensuring your top quality rare vintages come ready for you to enjoy.

There are three different types of wine club memberships that Uncorked Ventures offers.  I was sent a selection from the Explorations Wine Club which is $40 a shipment.  For more discriminating taste, there are the Special Selections and the Reserve Selections wine clubs that are offered at a higher price.

With each of the memberships, you can choose to have shipments sent to you monthly, just a one-time shipment, or other options as every other month up to a whole year of wine shipments.  It's your choice how you would like this.  Besides being an instant connoisseur of wine, there are other benefits to being a wine club member:
  • 15% discount on all wine club reorders
  • First dibs on all special selections and last call wines, before they are offered to the public
  • Monthly newsletter with tasting tips and industry favorites
  • Those 2-3 outstanding bottles of wine in each shipment
Working diligently, Matt and Mark of Uncorked Ventures will always bring you the best and most exceptional wines.  They are the ones behind making regular people like you and me into great connoisseurs of wine!


It may still be summer, but the holidays are just around the corner.  A membership to a wine club at Uncorked Ventures would make a great gift for someone who may already be a wine connoisseur or one that you know would make a good one.   Not only great for the holidays, but as a gift for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays!

While vacationing with family in South America, two brothers-in-law, Matt Krause and Mark Aselstine, started to discuss their passion for wine and food.  While sipping some wines from Chile and Argentina, they had a desire for something different, something better.  An idea emerged from this discussion that became something different and something better: Uncorked Ventures: A family run business.

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