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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday with Linky - Always Be Watchful - September 17, 2014

Everyone who lives in snake country knows that you always have to be watchful.  My son just got home late from work, and when my husband went out to greet him, he found a Mojave Green Rattlesnake.

With the flash on the camera, you really can't see the greenish tint of the snake, but it's there.  This is one of our more prevalent snakes around the house.  The Mojave Green's venom is a neurotoxin and very deadly.

We do have a sidewinder rattlesnake around, but he doesn't come near the house - yet.  They have such interesting tracks that they leave.

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  1. RATTLESNAKES??? ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME? HOLY COW! In your frontyard no less? NOPE! NOT ME! NO WAY! ewwwwwwwwww Girl how can you live there with those things crawling around slimy critters. YUK! I am so not that type of girl! I'll stay here with my icky critters... and a skunk every now and then that's about it. ewwwwwwwww You gave me goose bumps!!! hehehe

  2. We use to get Copperheads in our garage every once in awhile, but thankfully we haven't seen any in years. *knock on wood* Growing up in WV, we would see Timber Ratllesnakes & Copperheads frequently. I'm terrified of snakes, even harmless garden snakes. I remember one time when we were hiking in the Smoky's with the kids when they were young and a huge Timber Rattler was stretched across the very wide path (old logging road). He was slow moving, so we just turned & went back the way we came to wait for him to leave. Another time in the Smoky's I almost stepped on a Copperhead in the fall foliage. God had His hands upon me because that thing rear back ready to strike, but didn't. I really dislike snakes a lot. I hope you killed that thing! You did kill it, right? #WW

  3. Danielle, that does not look good I hope that he is gone now!! That is greepy
    ! Be safe!!! Gave me the chills.

    But do have a great week,
    Karren Oh My Heartsie Girl


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