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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kitchenware Plus - Bamboo Cutting Board Set With Turkey Size Board and Deep Grooves! - Review

Kitchenware Plus kindly gave me a code to buy their bamboo cutting boards from for this review. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

What's the centerpiece for most Thanksgiving meals?  A beautiful roasted turkey!  Do you ever have trouble finding a cutting board that can hold a turkey?  I have the perfect set of Eco-friendly bamboo cutting boards that will be just what you need to buy.

From Kitchenware Plus, these set of two bamboo cutting boards are perfect for everyday needs, and super for the holidays.  With the natural beauty of bamboo, an easily renewable source, these are cutting boards that are not only the most useful boards you will ever get, they are beautiful to set on your tables when you serve family and guest.
This set of two cutting boards consist of an extra large turkey size board that is 18" x 13", and a medium sized board that is 13" x 8.5".  Both of the boards have a deep groove going all the way around them.  When carving a turkey, you need a board that can contain all those turkey juices so that they don't run all over the table.  The big board can handle the largest turkey for Thanksgiving!

The medium sized board is just the right size for slicing bread.  If you are a long time reader of my blog, you will know that we bake bread almost every day.  Have a cutting board that fits a fresh loaf of piping hot bread is really a blessing to have.  This board is also perfect for cutting and chopping other vegetables and smaller meats as it also has that same deep groove as the other big turkey size board.

Both of the boards are super thick and sturdy.  They are both 3/4" thick and will not warp nor crack like other boards.  What is another reason why these bamboo boards are better about these bamboo boards from other ones?   The board is made of vertical cut bamboo which is stronger than horizontal or strand bamboo.  Also, bamboo is much lighter than wooden boards like maple.  The large turkey size board is much lighter than it looks.  The boards are also so easy to care for.

Perfect For The Holidays

For your Thanksgiving turkey, you will need one of the super large turkey sized boards with the deep grooves for you table.  Purchase Kitchenware Plus - Best Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board Set right at Amazon for only $36.  All purchases include Bamboo care instructions, 100% Lifetime Guarantee with no questions asked, and a bonus Knife Sharpening course and exclusive Training Videos - so very useful!

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