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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Priority Chef 2 Stage Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Review

Priority Chef kindly sent me the knife sharpener to review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.

Do you know that a sharp kitchen knife is safer than a dull one?  That's right!  While trying to cut with a dull knife, you exert more pressure on the blade than you would with a sharp one to get a something cut.  Pushing the blade harder into what you are trying to cut accidents can happen.  You could lose a little control and the knife could slip out of your hand.  You could cut a finger or a hand, or the knife could slip out of your hands and fall to the floor - your foot might be in the way (even a dull knife has a point that can go through your shoe).   Having a sharp knife is much easier to handle as the knife cuts easily with a simple stroke of the blade.

Are your knives sharp or dull?  Try the paper test.  Take your knife and try to cut a piece of paper.  If the paper crumbles and it doesn't cut, your knife is dull.  If the knife cuts through the paper like butter, then your knife is sharp.

If you have a bunch of dull knives, there is no need to go out and buy a new set.  They are still good.  All you need to do is sharpen them, and it's simple and quick to sharpen your dull knives with the Priority Chef 2 Stage Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener.

Priority Chef's knife sharpening system has been designed to turn any dull or blunt knife into as sharp as you had it when new, sometimes even sharper! Stage 1 is the coarse sharpening for dull or blunt blades. Run the knife 2-3 three times through here to sharpen almost any straight edged knife. The second stage, fine, smooths the knife edge and adds than final sharpness that any almost chef would be happy with!

The ergonomically designed handle with a rubber grip is comfortable to use and the rubber base ensures the sharpener will not slip while in use.

With this manual knife sharpener, it will ensure that you will never need to buy another new knife set again.   Priority Chef tested this sharpener and found that it has managed to bring even the dullest knives back to life. Their sharpeners are easy to use and guaranteed to give your dullest blade a new, sharp finish every time.

There are two stages to sharpening your knife to a nice edge.  Stage one is tungsten carbide sharpener and stage two is a ceramic sharpener.  These are generally known to be the most effective of sharpening materials.  It is super easy to sharpen your knives, too.  If you knife is totally dull, then give it a few swipes towards you in the Course Section, perhaps 2-4 times.  Then, to give your knife the fine sharpness of a new blade, swipe it 2-4 times in the Fine Section.  You never need to use any water or oil to sharpen as opposed to a sharpening stone.

I have sharpened all of our knives with the Priority Chef Knife Sharpener - even our oldest knives that are 25+ years old.  They all sharpened easily and quickly and can now slice through a piece of paper like butter once again.  This hand held sharpener feels good in the hand and stays put on the counter while you sharpen your knives.

Have you ever realized that a knife sharpener would make a great gift for someone for the upcoming holidays?  The Priority Chef's 2 Stage Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener would make an excellent gift for an avid cook with dull knives.  Remember, a sharper knife is a safer knife!

Please note: This knife sharpener has been specially designed to only sharpen steel, straight blades for the best performance. Ceramic and serrated knives should NOT be used in the sharpener.

Get the Priority Chef 2 Stage Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener at Amazon for a great deal.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can have a full, 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked. In addition, in the unusual event that anything goes wrong with your sharpener, Priority Chef offer a full 1 year replacement warranty.

Find more quality kitchen products at Priority Chef.

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