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Friday, October 3, 2014

#ShopletReviews Smooth Writing With Pilot Pens - Available at

I received a sample package from Pilot Pen and for this review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Being a homeschool family and having another in college, we go through a lot of pens.  It's great to be able to use new pens and share them with you all., the online office superstore, sent me a sample package of the newest Pilot Pens  with some exciting new features.

Do you love using a gel pen, but wish you could wipe away your mistakes easily and cleanly?  Try the new Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable Pen.  This new pen from Pilot can erase all of your mistakes, easily and quickly without damaging the paper nor will you get any crumbs from an eraser.  It is a retractable pen, just press the clip down, and the eraser is at the top of the pen.  

This pen uses a special formula of gel ink to erase that is thermal sensitive.  When you use the eraser tip, you generate heat which makes the ink disappear.  I will be using this pen for my novice drafting of homes so I can erase the many mistakes I do.  But there is a catch to this pen - don't use this for important documents.  *If this ink, either on paper or in the pen, is exposed to high temperatures, it will disappear.  To make it reappear, you just pop the pen in the freezer and cool to 14F degrees.

Purchase the Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable Pen at for only $2.09 each.

Here is another Pilot FriXion that my son, the college student, is happy to have.  Have you ever made a mistake when you highlighted something in a book, or perhaps you would have liked to highlighted something in a book and didn't want that highlight there forever?  Your worries are over with the Pilot FriXion Lite Erasable Highlighter so that you can erase all of your 'oops.'

My son likes to use this erasable highlighter in his textbooks.  He can even use it in his rental books as it erases without a trace!  The bright yellow highlighter is easy to spot in his books.  

*This highlighter does have the same drawbacks as the FriXion Clicker that I described above, but this is really not a hindrance.  Even my son says, when will this highlighter ever get in such high temps?

The FriXion Highlighter comes in a box of 12 pens for only $11.22 at

Here is a high style pen that comes with an affordable price at  The Pilot Acroball PureWhite pen will give you super smooth writing, while looking good.  The ink is this pen is a hybrid between gel ink and ball point pen ink so that it is fast drying but also gives a smooth writing experience.  

This pen is easy to write with as the barrel is a bit larger and it has a nice grip on it.  The fine point combined with this unique ink does make writing easy.  My 92 year old grandmother fell for this pen, and it is now hers.  She says she can grip it well and write well with it.

Get the Pilot Acroball Fine Pt at for the incredible low price of only $1.53 each.

The following pens are from Pilot's BeGreen Bottle-to-Pen (B2P) collection.  These are the first pens to be made from recycled bottles.  With approximately 2.5 million plastic bottles that are going into landfills every hour in the United States, they comprise close to 50% of all recyclable waste. Pilot manufactures B2P gel ink pens from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The first of these pens is the Pilot BeGreen B2P Bottle Gel Rolling Ball.  It is a fine point pen roller ball pen that features vibrant G2 Gel ink for smooth, effortless writing while the barrel of the pen is made with 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.    

This pen does write very smoothly, and I love the design that makes it look a bit like a water bottle.  Those squiggles help you get a good grip on the pen so that that it does not slip in  your hand.

Purchase the Pilot B2B Gel Pen for only $1.54 each at

The Pilot B2P Recycled Ballpoint Pen is another pen that is made with 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.  This one has a comfortable latex-free grip.  The ink is smear-proof and writes very smoothly.  It is retractable and refillable with Pilot retractable ball point refills.

You can purchase the B2P Ball Pen in a pack of 12 pens at for only $12.86.  

 Here is a set of gel roller pens in fun colors that are also a part of the GoGreen B2P collection that Pilot offers.  The Recycled B2P Colors Retractable pens with Gel Ink has barrel colors that match the vibrant G2 gel ink color within of purple, blue, green, yellow-green, and pink.  I just love fun colors to write notes to the family and friends with.  Not only are they fun, but they have a fine point  with a durable tip that provides pinpoint lines and precision.

Get this five pack of B2P Colors Multi at for only $7.49 a pack.

Almost all of the products offered at can be purchased at a discount if you buy in bulk.

Perhaps your business needs a little promoting?  Check out all of the promotional products at Shoplet Promos.  Don't forget the office stationary.  You can get that for your business as well at Shoplet.

Not only does have everything you need for your office, but do you know they carry medical supplies as well?  That they do, and you can get what you need for the lowest price.

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