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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bacon & Ham Sampler - Real Hickory Smoked - Petit Jean Meats - Review, Giveaway, and Recipe - ends 11/18 US

How would you like to have some real hickory smoked bacon and ham for this holiday season?  Did you ever realize that not all bacon and ham are equal?  If you look at the label of your brand that you pick up at the grocery store, you'll probably find that liquid smoke flavoring,  and not real hickory flavor from being smoked in a real smokehouse.  Where can one find real bacon and ham that has been smoked over real smoldering hickory?  Petit Jean Meats!

Imagine the flavor that is exhibited by bacon and ham that has smoked over smoldering hickory for 18 hours in a climate controlled smokehouse.  It is perfection!  The ham is oh so dandy; the bacon is like candy.  We know how good Petit Jean Meats are as we were so fortunate to have Petit Jean Meats send us their Bacon and Ham Sampler Package to review for the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

Filled with three delicious varieties of bacon and ham, the Bacon and Ham Sampler is a crowd pleaser.   The bacon just melts in your mouth, and the ham is succulent.  While we had family over for a week, these samplings of Petit Jean's made breakfast, lunch, and dinner more festive.  Inside the Bacon and Ham Sampler are: Hickory Smoked Bacon (1.5 lb); Hickory Smoked Thick-Sliced Bacon (1 lb); Peppered Bacon (1.5 lb); EZ Carve Hickory Smoked Sliced Ham (1 lb); Peppered Ham Slices (1 lb); and Hickory Smoked Ham Steaks (10 oz).

Hickory Smoked Bacon
Hickory Smoked Bacon Thick Sliced
In our home, we treat bacon like it's pork candy.  Petit Jean's Ozark Hickory Smoked Bacon is the best "pork candy" available.  While cooking, that real hickory smoked aroma fills the house with goodness.  It's the kind of bacon that just melts in your mouth.  As I stated before, the smoke flavor is real; it is not liquid smoke flavoring.  This bacon was smoked over real burning hickory for eighteen hours, and you can really taste that succulent flavor.

The Hickory Smoked Bacon comes in both regular sliced and thick sliced.  Petit Jean uses only a leaner side of pork for their bacon, and is constantly on the meatier side.  Never think that the regular slice is shaved super thin bacon, it is a perfect slice of bacon the way it should be.  The Hickory Smoked Bacon Thick cut is a nice thick cut that gives you a hearty tasty bite.

Peppered Bacon
Peppered Ham
I have never had bacon or ham that has had pepper rubbed into the surface.  I was so delighted with the flavor of both of Petit Jean's Peppered Bacon and Peppered Ham.  It's not just pepper that adds this spectacular flavor, but a special blend of brown sugar and black pepper that is hand-rubbed onto the surface to give it a sweeter and spicier flavor and a little extra zing!

Just this morning, my husband and I enjoyed the Peppered Ham with our fried eggs and potatoes.  It was truly scrumptious!  This came from a boneless 1 lb. packaged of EZ Carve Peppered Ham Slices.  This is not some processed deli meat.  It is real ham that was sliced from Petit Jean's hickory smoked and hand rubbed ham with the pepper-brown sugar blend.  It is a generous sliced half ham cut.  It made our breakfast complete, and sandwiches supreme in flavor!

We do have ham in sandwiches, but we love it fried up for breakfast or as an entree for dinner.  The EZ Carve Ozark Smoked Ham is a generously sliced to add the best flavor to any meal be it breakfast, dinner, or for your sandwich.  Petit Jean's smoked ham is so delicious.   This ham is succulent and tender.  When in a sandwich, it's easy to bite and so tender that it almost seems to melt in your mouth.  Once you have this ham, you are always going to want this ham.

Now here is your dinner ham steak!  Included only in gift sampler packages that include ham, the Dinner Ham Steak is a nice thick slice of the same hickory smoked boneless ham.  It is a tantalizing moist ham steak that when cooking, the aroma was so appetizing.  The flavor was so mouthwatering and satisfying.

Do you know how to have the most succulent crisp bacon? Slow cook it in the oven.  Slow cooking it in the oven ensures the bacon is doesn't curl, is crisp, doesn't shrink as much, and is evenly cooked.  Most cooks say to bake your bacon at 400 degrees - Don't!  Bacon burns too quickly at a high temp, cooks unevenly, and curl.  See our recipe for fool proof evenly cooked crisp bacon.

Royalegacy's Recipe for Baked Bacon

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Place bacon side-by-side flat on a rimmed baking sheet.  Do not overlap.

Place in the oven and start baking for 20 to 30 minutes.  Check at 20 minutes to see how crisp and browned the bacon is.  It may take up to 30-35 minutes to get the bacon to how browned and crisp you like your it.  If your oven is cooking unevenly, turn the baking sheet once while cooking.  Always keep checking.  After 25 minutes the bacon starts cooking very quickly now, and you don't want it to burn.

Be sure to keep checking your bacon every minute or so, and you will have perfectly baked bacon.

We so much enjoyed the Petit Jean Meats Bacon and Ham Sampler!  Their hickory smoked ham and bacon flavor is like tasting a bit of heaven.  This package includes all together 4 lbs of bacon and 2 lbs 10 oz of ham.  They are so succulent, tasty, and delicious.  Create your own tantalizing meals with this sampler.  It is affordably priced at only $59.99.

Want to make someone or a family glow with joy this holiday season?  Purchase a Petit Jean Gift Box or Sampler package.  Also available: smoked turkey, pastrami, complete dinners, and more. Each is affordably priced plus you will be giving someone a gift that will be enjoyed heartily!

Petit Jean says that they still do things the old fashioned way on how they smoke their meats.  I say it is not old fashioned, but the way meats should always have the smoke flavor added - by smoking them over smoldering hickory.  Order the most succulent true Arkansas smoked meats online at Petit Jean Meats.

Petit Jean Meats is a proud sponsor of Royalegacy's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, and with so many thanks to Petit Jean Meats, one person is going to win the same package that I review - the Bacon and Ham Sampler (arv: $60).

Be sure to come back every day to pick up those extra entries!

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