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Friday, November 21, 2014

Chase the Winter Blues Away with the Happy Light Liberty 5K Energy Lamp From Verilux - Review and Giveaway - ends 12/7 US

It looks like we are headed for more cold wintery weather this year and that means lots of cloud cover.  The sun is going to be hidden quite often this year, and did you know that less exposure to those wonderful rays increases the chances of getting the winter blues.

Even though I do live in an area of abundant sunshine year round, my daughter lives in a state that gets cold and cloudy all winter.  She complained last winter that she does feel different living there instead of here in the desert.  She loses energy, focus, and feels a bit blah.  This year it's going to be different for her as she will be getting the Happy Light Liberty 5K from mom for an early Christmas present.

Verilux has designed a lamp that is just for chasing away those winter blues.  What's so special about it?  The light inside!  Less available natural light in the winter months can result in the winter blues, sleeplessness, and lack of focus and concentration. Your eyes have photoreceptors, including one called melanopsin that helps set the body's natural cycles and is triggered by a specific , narrow spectrum of natural light. Most artificial light sources do not provide light in the range to most efficiently stimulate melanopsin. All Verilux energy lamps - including the Liberty 5K - emulate key spectrums of natural light to effectively set the body's internal clock to improve mood, energy and well-being.

Light therapy is a great way to improve your mood and energy levels over the winter or if you are always indoors all day year round.  The natural spectrum of light that you get from the Happy Light Liberty is comparable to daylight only UV free.  This is the perfect way to feel better as there are no drugs involved, just light.  The Verilux Liberty 5K is the perfect compact light that you can take anywhere with you to banish those blues, increase your energy, alertness and concentration.  It will also help with jet lag to get you ready for work much more quickly.

The light output from this small of a light is quite amazing.  The 5K refers to the 5000 LUX of light energy it emits.  The Optix Lens over the special 26 watt florescent UV free bulb filters and diffuses the light to reduce glare and eye fatigue.

Even though my daughter and her family are going to get the all benefits from this light, I did set it up in the bedroom near my bed for several days.  I used it to read by.  The light was nice and bright to be next to, but not over powering and hurting my eyes.  I don't know if it improved my mood or not since we haven't had a cloudy day for months, but I feel more energetic than usual.

Are you in a part of the country that stays quite drab during the winter, and you feel that same way?  Perhaps the winter brings on low energy, you always feel tired, and just out of sync with everything?  Then Winter Blue BEGONE!  Get the Happy Light Liberty 5K at Verilux for only $39.95.  The small compact design (6" x 7" x 3") makes it easy to take with you to help beat those blues anywhere. It's luggage friendly.

Is there someone on your gift list that suffers from the winter blues, low energy, or a jet setter that is always suffering from jet lag?  Offering them a chance at light therapy would be a great gift!  Plus, the Verilux Happy Light Liberty 5K is very reasonably priced.

Verilux is a proud sponsor of Royalegacy's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, and is offering to one of my readers a chance to win a Happy Light Liberty 5K Energy Lamp (arv: $40).  Thank you, Verilux!  This giveaway is open to US residents 18+ only, and will end on December 7, 2014.

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