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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Armory From Gibraltar Mailboxes Will Keep Your Mail Safe Until You Come For It - Keyless Secure Roadside Mailbox - Holiday Gift Guide Review & Giveaway ends 11/30 US

If you don't already know, we live out in the desert five miles from a paved road.  We love the seclusion and view of our desert retreat, but there are a few downers as well.  One is that we cannot get our mail delivered to our home.

When we first moved to the desert, we had a roadside mailbox that was about three miles from where we lived.  After several months of driving to our box, we quickly realized that when all the doors of all the mailboxes were opened, someone had gone through the mail as no one had mail in their boxes, and ads were strewn all around. Mail stolen! Worse case scenario - identity theft.  Luckily, that didn't happen, but to keep our mail safer, we got a box at our nearest post office.

For years, that post office box as been an inexpensive reliable means of getting our mail, but the cost of renting that box is getting expensive. For the last three years, the post office has been raising the rent each year.  That roadside option of free delivery has been sounding appealing, but how do we keep our mail safe?  The solution was simple, a secure locked mailbox from the leading maker of mailboxes: Gibraltar Mailboxes by the Solar Group.

Let me introduce you to our new mailbox: The Armory.  The name itself, Armory, raises thoughts of security, safekeeping, defense, shelter, and that is just what it gives to your mail.   Just looking at this box makes me think "thief deterrent."  This mailbox is set five miles from our home, and is five miles from our home.  Each and every day we have had mail in the box because there is no way anyone can get into this box to take our mail!

When the top gets pulled open to deposit the mail, it has a secure flap in the back that comes up, like a big mailbox that you drop your mail into from USPS.   This limits access to the to where the mail drops below (both are open in the picture above).   This keeps a person's hand out of your box thus preventing theft.

The capacity of this box is enormous.  It can hold several days worth of mail, plus some small parcels.  The full dimensions of this jumbo sized mailbox are 15" x 11.5" x 18.125."  We have never had to worry about it becoming too full of mail.

As for the super security of the Armory, it has a three number combination lock.  All you have to do is key in your personalized combination, turn the knob to open up the box.  With this kind of a lock, you never have to fumble with keys or worry about losing them.  With the three number combination, there are a 1000 different combinations one can choose.

Outgoing mail?  That's simple as well.  It has a clip on the inside of the pull-down to put your mail to be sent.  The postal carrier just has to slip it out and take it.  Of course, be sure to put up the red flag on the side of the box so that the postal carrier knows you have mail.

The Armory is a very solidly built mailbox made of heavy duty all steel construction.  The metal is strong and won't easily dent.  The solid metal is solid and sound and no one will be able to pry it open.  It has a beautiful Venetian Bronze finish.  Quite frankly, it makes all the other boxes at our stop look a bit shabby.  My husband said it was a breeze to set up.  Since he is a contractor, he had all he needed except for the post mount which was easily obtained at Home Depot to add to the bottom of the box.

We got the Armory mailbox into service over two weeks ago.  Whoever goes to pick up the mail, the mail is there waiting for us - even if we see the other boxes open.  We now have peace of mind that our mail is safe and sound all thanks to Gibraltar Mailboxes from the Solar Group.

Are you someone with a roadside or curbside mailbox and is concerned with the safety of your mail not to mention your identity if someone gets their hands on it?  The Armory Jumbo Mailbox with its secure locked keyless entry is the mailbox for you!  Buy the Armory at Home Depot either online or at your local store.

Gibraltar Mailboxes are America's #1 Best Selling Mailboxes.  Gibraltar Industries, PostMaster, and GorillaBox mailboxes are all USPS approved.  The abundant styles and selections exceed all other, from just their standard designs to their many decorative assortments.  Gibraltar definitely has one to enhance your home or curb appeal.

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

With so many thanks to Gibraltar Mailboxes, one person is going to win The Armory Jumbo Size Venetian Bronze Keyless Security Mailbox (arv: $110).  This giveaway is for US residents 18+ only, and will end on November 30, 2014.

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