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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Most Comfortable & Thinnest Men's Wallets from Allett - Holiday Gift Guide Review & Giveaway - ends 12/12 US

My husband has been dreaming of finding a comfortable wallet for years.  The one that he did have was a tri-fold.  It met his needs, but was a big bulk of a wallet in his front pocket.  He won't put a wallet in his back pocket due to it hurts his back when he sits on it.  Now he has a very comfortable wallet that fits so well in his front pocket and you can hardly tell that it's even in there from Allett.

Since 1995, Allett has been making thin style wallets in San Diego, California.  They started with a dream of making a think wallet that would also be comfortable to keep in a pocket.  It sounds like my husband isn't the only man who does not like a bulky big wallet in his pocket.

With so many thanks to Allett for sending me one of their Men's Classic Leather Original thin wallet to review for Royalegacy's Holiday Gift Guide, I am able to testify that an Allett wallet does live up to being the most thinnest wallet in the world.

This thin wallet will actually hold up to 24 cards, with cash, and room for larger papers like receipts.  We were both surprised that with the four slots inside the wallet that it actually could hold that many cards and still be thin when fully closed.  Because of the positions of the cards, the wallet is flexible in a pocket making it even more comfortable.

It can hold six cards in each slot, and none of them slip out.  Inside the slots are enhanced rubber to grip the cards in place.

The interior lining is made of SoftTech nylon.  It is designed to wick moisture away.  When we first got the wallet, it was still a bit warm out here in the desert, so my husband is able to say that the contents did keep dryer.

The billfold area has two different pockets.  Because the wallet is longer than your average wallet, Allett designed the wallet to have two separate area.  One is about half the depth of the wallet for bills, and the other is the whole depth of the wallet for larger receipts and other things.

I can give my husband a full sheet of paper folded twice, such as a shopping list, and it fits perfectly.  He does like the capability of this wallet being able to hold larger receipts.

The outside of the wallet is made of Napa leather which is noted for its soft supple feel and long lasting durability.  Instead of wearing out, the Napa leather will develop a beautiful patina over time.  The Napa leather grain also breathable, and will produce less moisture in a pocket while also allowing for a faster drying time.

The Classic Leather Original Wallet comes in a choice of two colors, black and brown (which my husband wanted).   Purchase the Classic Leather Original Wallet at Allett for only $34.95.  Sold exclusively at Cabela's - Allett World's Thinnest Leather Wallet with ID window!

Do you know of someone who could use a new wallet for Christmas?
Allett also carries an assortment of thin women's wallets, RFID Security Wallets, and RFID Passport wallets.  Each comes in a handsome gift box ready to be wrapped.

Allett brings American culture to life with groundbreaking designs that elevate the standards. The definition of American style is showcased within each product and carried out within the satisfaction of each customer. The Allett definition of integrity means creating practical products that fill a need while fulfilling our commitment to creating jobs locally. Every stitch and fold is laid carefully by the hand of a skilled sewer or leather worker. The essence of Allett is created through a careful balance of progressive design and traditional craftsmanship that belongs to the American people.

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Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway - One person is going to win the Classic Leather Original Wallet in either black or brown (arv: $35).  This giveaway will end on December 12, 2014, and is open to US residents 18+ only.  Only the first entry is mandatory, all others are optional.  Be sure to bookmark this page and come back every day to collect even more entries.

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