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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Delightful Children's Book - The Girl Who Save Christmas By William Thach - Review

There are many different "Christmas" books written for children every year.  Most of them have a very sweet sentiment, but how many of these stories bring in what Christmas is all about?  I was very fortunate to have been contacted by such an author who brought into his children's story the real reason as to why Christmas is celebrated in his wonderful book, The Girl Who Saved Christmas.

One Christmas, all the world’s children are bad–all except one! Molly must save the holiday by reminding Santa of the true meaning of Christmas. Written in the rhyme scheme of “The Night Before Christmas”, and illustrated in the classic style of Norman Rockwell, this heartwarming children’s tale is at once steeped in tradition, and yet sparklingly new. Featuring a red velvet cover, gold reading ribbon, and a privacy clasp, this book is a perfect Christmas gift for any young child!

I really like the premise of this story that most of the world's children are bad.  Isn't it difficult for our children to be absolutely good?  To want to live by God's laws and not the whims of the world?  Just like little Molly in the story, these good children are scorned by their playmates, called names, and never invited to play even though they would be the best companion another child could have. We need more children like Molly in our world.

The moral of The Girl Who Saved Christmas is forgiveness.  Wasn't that the real reason why Christ came to us on Christmas?   The ending of the story is truly heartwarming.

In the back cover of the book, you will find a glossary to help younger children learn what the bigger words mean in the book.  Then there is a note to copy to give to Santa each year.

Even though I am a grandmother, I still believe in Santa.  Surprise!  Yes, Santa is with us each year.  No, there is no one that comes down the chimney that delivers free presents to our children, but Santa is alive in each parent or person that gives even a little something to a child in Santa's name at Christmas.

I highly recommend The Girl Who Saved Christmas to give to your children this Christmas.  It really is a delightful story, and a beautifully bound book.  See a video of the entire story at

Start a new tradition in your home and reach The Girl Who Saved Christmas to your child every year along with all the other great Christmas stories you have.  Purchase the The Girl Who Saved Christmas at Amazon.

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