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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Deluxe Grooming Brush For Both Dogs and Cats - Review

I currently have three high maintenance dogs - Coton de Tulear.  If you have not heard of them before, they are a 'rare' breed with origins coming from Madagascar, but they are more popular in France.  They are a great dog with an even greater personality.  Their hair, you can't call it fur, is light, soft, and cottony.  They are considered a non-shedding breed, and if you don't brush them often, their hair gets matted.  Because they are brushed often, about once a year I need to get a new dog brush.

I really like the newest brush that I just received from CLD Brands, the Deluxe Pet Brush.  It is a high quality wide (7"x4") pet brush made of durable wood and metal.  The wooden handle is contoured in the middle giving it a nice grip.  The metal bristles are 7/8 of an inch long making them a nice length to get to that undercoat.

Here is my brush.  It did get a bit smashed in the mail, but it still works great.   Because of my dog's thick coats, I have to line brush them.  This brush makes a long tiresome job go quickly.  Because I have been sick with a bad cold, I was only able to completely groom just one of my three, Beqque (bek-koo).

Beqque - my devoted sweet lovable companion.
Beqque is now 14 years old and still acts a bit like a puppy.  I have not kept my dogs in a show coat for years now and they all sport a puppy cut.  A coton de tulear's hair can reach down to the ground.  If Beqque had cooperated better, you would  have seen all of her including her glorious tail which I still keep long.  The CLD Deluxe Pet Brush made grooming this squirming little sweetheart from a chore into a fast fun time.  I brushed her before her bath, and after her bath while blowing her hair dry.  This brush is safe to use on both wet and dry hair.

When I first got these dogs, I was told that they were a 'non-shedding' breed.  Well, they do shed a bit, but not like other dogs.  I do have some white hair around but not much.  I think I get more white hair on my black pants than anywhere else!

Does your dog  or cat shed?  There is no quicker, easier, cleaner way to remove the loose, dead undercoat, while gaining a shiny top coat, just in a matter of minutes with the CLD Deluxe Pet Brush.

If you are tired of your pet leaving hair all over the house & in the car? AND, wait ... on your clothes, this is a great product for untangling and brushing your dog or cat's hair.

This is not a myth - Dogs and Cats shed. Not just a little but a ton!

So, if you are looking for a way to reduce shedding without damaging the coat and at the same time promoting your pet's healthy skin and a shiny coat then CLD Brands Deluxe Brush is all you need.


NO NEED TO USE A DESHEDDING TOOL: De-shedding your pet is a thing of the past. Shedding doesn't stop but we help you put the hair on the brush vs. your home, car and/or clothing.

HELPS MAINTAIN COOL BODY TEMPERATURE: Did you know that by removing your pet's excess hair it helps to keep your pet clean and cool year round. There is nothing like keeping your pet's smelling good and feeling fresh.

Who needs this brush?  Your pet does! Use it on short and long hair dogs and cats; both small and large breeds.  Get yours today at Amazon for only $12.97.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When you purchase from CLD BrandsTM,your satisfaction is guaranteed. No HASSLE, No QUESTIONS. It's that simple! If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by CLD Brands®, please do not hesitate to contact them. They take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of their products and will do their very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!

Even though I couldn't get them totally groomed, I though you might like to meet my other two Coton de Tulears.

Truly Scrumptious - she is so sweet and a bit of a dingbat.

Nitro - he's always been a bundle of energy

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