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Saturday, December 27, 2014

iKuuk Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat - Review

During the holidays we cook a lot!  We have so many cookies right now, but we are still not done baking.  We have a few more that we would like to make.  Having a quality silicone baking mat is essential!

This is the iKuuk non-stick baking sheet liner that is made of the best USDA food-grade silicone reinforced with fiberglass mesh for durability.  So far this is the best Silpat-like silicone baking mat that I have gotten to do a review.  Why do I like this one best?

The iKuuk non-stick silicone baking mat fits a half-sheet pan perfectly!  There are no gaps in the sides except for the rounded corners.  The others I just took for granted that they were just a little short, but the iKuuk covers the whole pan.

The iKuuk mat provides a non-stick, 100% non-toxic surface for baking or kneading bread, cookies, or pastries. Baked items brown more evenly and are less likely to burn. This silicone mat transforms your sheet pan into a non-stick surface for delicate or messy baking and craft projects.

The mats will not absorb food orders or flavors and are perfect for the avid baker or the seasonal holiday cook. No cooking sprays, oils or parchment paper needed, helping you save both calories and money. These will quickly become your new favorite kitchen must have item

These are not to be used as a cutting surface. Sharp objects will damage the mats. Please use in conjunction with standard baking sheet pans; place silicone baking mat inside the baking sheet and then place food/cookie dough on the top of the silicone mat for either oven or freezer use. Mats are all BPA and BPP free. Safe to use from -40° F to +480° F - from freezer, to microwave, to oven.

- Place your iKuuK mat on your baking sheet, then place your food or project on top of the silicone mat, then bake or freeze. 
- Eliminates need for oils, butter & cooking sprays. 
- Great for delicate or messy projects, such as sugar art and craft clay work. 
- Perfect for candy making, gluing, and BHO processing. No waste! 
- Acts to even out heat so products cook more uniformly. Do not use directly on stove tops or other heating elements, such as broilers or electric oven elements. 
- Perfect for novice to professional cooks and bakers. 
- No parchment paper or aluminum foil needed, so you save money! 
- Easy to clean, just wipe with warm, soapy water, rinse, shake off water and let air dry. Store rolled or flat. Do not fold. 
- Approved for top rack only of dishwashers. 
- Durable and long-lasting - get up to 4,000 uses. 

When I cook anything in the oven with one of our half-sheet pans, the iKuuk mat is the first that I reach for.  Purchase the iKuuk Silicone Baking Mat at Amazon.  It comes as a two-pack and is sold for only $19.99.  The iKuuk mat is the Only Silicone Baking Mat With a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

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