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Friday, December 26, 2014

Send Them Back To School With an Altego Backpack - Hold Up To a 17" Laptop Plus Books In Comfort - Review

Now that it's past Christmas, the kids will be going back to school in no time.  Why not send them them back to school with a backpack that can hold their laptop?

Here's the backpack that my son will be taking with him back to college when the spring session starts, the Altego Coated Canvas Cyan Backpack.  My son needed a backpack that will handle three huge college textbooks plus have room to store his 17" laptop.  He needs a backpack that can handle this since he does not come home all day and will study at the school between classes.  He needs his laptop since the college has strict rules about using their computers.

The Altego Coated Canvas Cyan Backpack is a very sturdy pack and strikingly handsome.  Since the canvas is coated with a PU material, it's waterproof to keep his books and laptop safe and dry.  The stitching is very quite durable and you can see that Altego meant this bag to last.

Since my son does not have his next semester's books yet, I threw in a few items plus my 17" laptop to see how comfortable the bag is pretty much fully loaded.   In the main compartment, I did put in three large cookbooks (only one showing for the photo), there are smaller pockets, slots for pens and pencils, a padded pocket for an iPad or an e-reader (my Kindle is in there).  My son says there is more than enough room for all the items he takes to school.  It can hold all that he needs and more because the main compartment is expandable!

Expandable is just one of the great features of this bag.  Above is the bag is zippered for the smaller size of the bag.  You can see that there are two zipper pulls.

Just unzip the top zipper all the way over to open the bag, and there is another zipper underneath it.  Just zipper that one on around and the main compartment of the bag has just expanded several inches.  The flap over the bag also adjust over the bag for the expansion. This now give you all the room that is needed for three or maybe four large textbooks.

The compartment for the laptop is fully padded with a soft quilted interior lining.  This lining is thick and meant to truly protect your valuable asset, your laptop.  It will hold up to a 17" MacBook, and easily held my 17" Gateway laptop with the charger (if I am taking my laptop places, I will want to plug it in!).  If you do find that your 17" laptop needs just a little extra room, the bottom has extra quilting at the bottom that is secured with Velcro.  Just take that out, and your laptop will fit.

If you think that carrying around several large books, plus a laptop, and maybe an iPad would be totally uncomfortable, think again.  The Altego Coated Canvas Cyan Backpack was designed for comfort.  The waffle designed back padding creates a cushion of comfort between you and the bag.  The padded straps keeps the shoulders from hurting.  To keep the backpack securely in place is a buckled strap between the padded overarm straps.  This prevents shifting during wear, and a handle on the front panel allows you to quickly grab the backpack without using the straps.

To keep the backpack securely in place is a buckled strap between the padded overarm straps.  This prevents shifting during wear.  On this buckled strap that goes across the chest, there are built in shock absorbers so that the strap never becomes uncomfortable.

On the front panel, there is a quick grab handle on the front panel that allows you to quickly grab the backpack without using the straps.  There is also one more pocket on the front of the bag for items that you want to get to quickly.

The metal twist buckle to keep the flap down is self-locking.  Just push the flap down, and it locks automatically.  What an ingenious little addition!

This would be a great backpack to send your kids back to school.  Not only is this a high-tech bag, but such a hip looking backpack.  The coated canvas gives it a look of a black leather bag.  Purchase the Altego Coated Canvas Cyan Backpack at Amazon for only $45.22.  That's 43% off the list price that's at!  The Altego Coated Canvas Cyan Laptop Backpack is backed by a five-year limited warranty.  It measures 13.5 by 18 by 6.5 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds. The laptop compartment holds devices up to 15.75 by 10.75 by 2 inches.

Altego's passion is to create unique products that offer advanced protection for all your electronics without compromising fashion or functionality. Altego's innovative designs combine form and function to fit your lifestyle and personality.

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