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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Little Game on DVD January 20, 2015

Premiering on DVD January 20, 2015 is A Little Game.  

A Little Game is all about Max Kuftinec, a very smart little girl.  Her parents, Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) and JaneaneGarofalo (The Truth About Cats and Dogs) send her to a private academy that is just a little above their means, but they manage.  Ostracized at her posh new uptown school and shaken by the death of her beloved grandmother, Yaya (Olympia Dukakis), a 10 year-old downtown girl finds an unlikely mentor in the form of an irascible chess-master, Norman (F. Murray Abraham), who uses the game to teach Max lessons in resilience, perseverance, and how to embrace inevitable change.

This was a fun movie to watch.  Max really struggles to find a way to fit into her new highfalutin school.  Wanting to fit in better, she tries the chess club.  But in there is the girl she put off because Max scores better than her in math, and won't teach Max how to play.  

Max wants to learn now, and turns to this cantankerous grouch in the park, Norman.  He tells her that the city will teach her how to play chess.  With the almost magic help from the city, she learns to play.

Max's grandmother was a bit source of inspiration.  It did shake her badly at her grandmother's passing so much that she would have very realistic dreams of her grandmother watching over her at night.

Parent Advisory: This movie has not been rated.  In A Little Game there is no sex or nudity, violence or gore, no profanity.  There is one reference to alcohol as the mother is drinking beer in one scene.  There is also references to homosexuality.  Other than that it was a fun movie to watch.

A two award winner at the International Family Film Festival in 2014: 

Best Child Actor Award to Makenna Ballard (her performance in the movie is wonderful!)
Best Feature Comedy Award to the director, Even Oppenheimer

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