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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Copper Wear Compression Knew Sleeve from As Seen on TV - Review

I've always had some trouble with my left knee since I was young.  I probably ran and fell at some point hurting it, and just got right back up and kept going.  I first noticed it when I was about ten years old climbing up on a ladder to get into our boat being repaired in the driveway.  It sorta gave out on my.  It's always been a "trick" knee, and I worry about it getting worse now that I am middle aged.

I have never done anything about my knee, but at Fourth of July when we climb up on the roof to watch the local fireworks, I had a tough time with that ol' knee.  It's time that I did something.  I have been hearing some great things about compression.  Did you know that effective compression provides excellent support to the muscles and joints of the knee during sports or exercise?  Climbing a ladder and coming back down is definitely an exercise for a middle aged lady.

I recently discovered Copper Wear from As Seen On TV.  Copper Wear™ found at CarolWright Gifts "As Seen on TV" Store, is the next generation of ankle, elbow, knee and back supports. Copperwear clothing effectively relieves joint pain while providing additional support.   Copper Wear''s revolutionary construction incorporates specially formulated high-performance nylon, and is impergnated with  heat-conducting copper fibers. Copperwear''s ergonomic design dramatically increases necessary blood flow and provides essential joint compression. Our compression wear reduces swelling and helps speed recovery.

Copper Wear's revolutionary fabric wicks away perspiration and moisture while providing essential support for achy muscles and joints. Copper Wear is Antimicrobial  and  Odor-resistant, and is 100% Machine Washable, and can also be machine dried. Copperwear support sleeves can fit either right or left.
  • Designed for athletic activity, or ever day support
  • Helps facilitate healing, recovery and soreness
  • State-of-the art Odor Resistant Design
  • Revolutionary Fabric Design Wicks Away Moisture
  • Comfortable, supportive fit

Copper Wear Fitting
Legs: Measure the full circumference at 5" above the center of the knee. 
Elbows: Measure the circumference 5" above the elbow
Feet: Measure around foot, under your heel. 

Available in sizes:
Elbow - MED(10 1/2"-12"), LG(12 1/2"-14"), XL(14 1/2"-16")
Knee - MED(15 1/2"-17"), LG(17 1/2"-19"), XL(19 1/2"-21"), XXL(21 1/2"-23")
Ankle - MED(12"-13"), LG(13 1/2"-14 1/2"), XL(15"-16 1/2"), XXL(17"-18 1/2")

Copper Wear™ FAQs

Q: What is Copper?
A: Copper is an essential element for human life.

Q: Why is compression wear essential for good health?
A: Compression support clothing is extremely beneficial after an injury to expedite healing and reduce soreness.

Q: What makes Copper Wear unique?
A: Copper wear is designed for both support and comfort. Whether you are performing strenuous activity or simply going about your daily routine, Copperwear provides comfortable support.

Q: How quickly does Copper Wear work? 
A: You will immediately feel the Copperwear difference.

Q: What are the key benefits of Copperwear? 
A: Copper Wear is designed to mitigate lactic acid buildup and enhance circulation. It will help prevent soreness if worn during physical activity and will aid in recovery from many injuries.

I do like to wear Copper Wear on my knees, but I don't see too much compression with it.  They are super soft and pliable.  Being able to pop them in the washing machine to clean is a big plus!

Purchase Copper Wear at CaroleWright Gifts for only $9.99 for the knee compression sleeve.  You will also find Copper Wear compression sleeves for the elbows and the ankles at the same link.

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