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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Create Some Valentine Romance With Tea Lights - Review

I love to have candles lit everywhere on Valentine's Day.  It just creates such a romantic feeling.  On Valentine's Day, I will shut off the lights and will have candles lit everywhere all over the house.  Candle light is just so romantic.

Tea lights are my first choice of candles to have lit.  They are smaller, and will only burn so long.  I usually light them around five or six o'clock, and they will be out by themselves by the time we go to bed.  I don't have to worry that I will leave a lit candle burning all night long.

I like to use quality tea light candles; dollar store candles just don't make the grade with me.  If you look closely at the cheap tea lights you will see that they are made with chopped-up wax.  Since the wax is chopped, it may look as if the tea lights are full of wax, but in reality, there is less than what appears.  A good quality tea light is made of solid poured wax.

Here's where I get my quality tea light candles for an excellent price: Zion Judaica.  These are top quality paraffin unscented tea light candles designed with the customer in mind for long burning, warm and elegant effect. These candles are European made (not from China) with a unique pour to prevent early burn-out.  These candles do last a full 4-5 hours (when not placed in a draft or outside on a breezy day).

I like to have tea lights especially for Valentine's Day, but they are always special to light any other day of the year.  I have special tea light holders for Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Tea lights are a practical choice for every day life, from elegant dining to keeping some food warm, these quality tea lights are the ideal choice.

The Zion Judaica Deluxe Tea lights are wonderful.  They do have a long burn time, and they don't make a mess.  The box of 125 are evenly stacked to prevent smudging in transit. Candles are completely wrapped in shrink wrap inside the box to keep them in place throughout their journey to you.  The candles did come in perfect condition to me; the metal cups were not bent.  Purchase the 125 Zion Judaica Deluxe Tea Lights for only $11.99.  There are discounts if you buy in quantity, which will make these an even better deal for churches and temples.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Zion Judaica carries a huge inventory of the finest Judaica from around the world, including items that can only be found at their website.  Passover will soon be here, and Zion Judaica’s stock of Passover items is second to none. They have an extensive section of Pesach merchandise including Seder plates and liners, Matzo plates and covers, beautiful embroidered afikomen bags, Kiddush cups and Elijah and Miriam cups. Taste our oven baked hand made Round Matzah and experience the exodus in your own days. They carry a number of unique Passover gifts as well. Find a new treasure for this Passover at Zion Judaica.

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