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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Foscam FBM3502 Digital Video Baby Monitor & AccuMed Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strips Giveaway - ends 02/14/15

This post is sponsored by Foscam and AccuMed.

Do you have a baby or planning one?  An essential item that a family needs is a baby monitor.  When the baby is asleep in the crib and you are on the other side of the house, it's almost as if you are on the other side of the planet if you don't see and hear that the baby is awake.  In fact, baby monitors are perfect for monitoring your baby, but also your home, pet, or elderly parents, and gives you peace of mind no matter where you are within your house.

What's a great name in baby monitors?  Foscam! The Foscam Baby Monitors are part of a generation of advanced high quality remote monitoring IP network cameras which are bridging the gap between powerful capabilities, ease of use and affordability.  They have baby monitors that let you watch what you love from anywhere.

This week, I would like to highlight the Foscam FBM3502 Digital Video Baby Monitor.  The Foscam FBM3502 is the cutting edge of baby monitor technology for versatility, privacy, and ease of use. Watching your baby is effortless with the innovation of advanced motion tracking technology. The camera automatically follows your baby's movement when detected in the range of view, or direction and zoom can be controlled with the high quality 3.5" LCD monitor that doubles as a remote.

Setup is easy with the pairing button, and 2.4 GHz FHSS technology allows the wireless transmission to be securely private and free of interference. You can communicate with your baby using the monitor, which has a temperature sensor and feeding timer that can send optional alerts. A lullaby feature can help your baby sleep, and night vision is 30% enhanced over the FBM3501.

The monitor can toggle video, so that the screen will not activate during false alarms disturbing you with bright light while you sleep, and has a 3-4hr battery life or can be powered by a wall outlet. The kickstand/belt-clip provides convenience no matter where you are or what you're doing around the house, and you can monitor up to 500 feet away from the yard or the other floors of your home.

Here are all the features of the Foscam FBM3502:
  • Auto-Tracking Pan/Tilt, Digital Zoom, "Video-Off"
  • 30% Enhanced Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Remote with Integrated 3.5" High Quality LCD
  • Auto-power off with VOX voice activation
  • Lullaby Feature, Temperature Sensor, Feeding Timer
  • Optional Alerts
  • Secure and Interference-Free 2.4 Ghz FHSS Technology
  • 3-4hr Rechargeable Battery, Long Transmit Range Up to 500ft (980ft clear line of sight)
  • Supports up to 4 Cameras

When you purchase the Foscam FBM3502, here's what is included in the box:
  • Foscam FBM3502 Camera
  • Monitor
  • Two Power Adapters
  • Rechargeable Battery for Monitor (3.7V1100mAH LI-ION)
  • Two Cable Clips
  • Screw and Wall Anchor
  • User Manual 

BUY: Purchase the Foscam FBM3502.  When you purchase directly from you are not only purchasing a product, but also the value-added services of 24 - 48 hour shipping from our US based warehouse, complete after-sales technical support as well as our US based replacement warranty and return services.

COUPON CODE: Save 5% off any baby cam at Foscam with this code: BABY0309.  This code is good until March 9, 2015.

When you purchase the Foscam FBM3502, you will also receive terrific support if you ever need help with the device.  What separates Foscam from other distributors is their comprehensive after-sales technical support.  Foscam will walk you through process of setting up your camera step-by-step.  Their technical representatives have extensive knowledge regarding the setup and installation of cameras and explain the process in a manner that is clear and understandable.  There are also community support forums where you can post questions, get answers from Foscam and connect with other users.


Included in the giveaway of the Foscam FBM3502 are AccuMed Test Strips for Ovulation and Pregnancy.   This giveaway includes AccuMed Combo 50 Pack (LH) Ovulation Test Strips 30 Pack (HCG) Pregnancy Test Strips.

Pregnancy and Ovulation Test Strips are approved by the FDA for being over 99.9% accurate and are capable of detecting Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) & Luteinizing Hormones at levels of just 25mIU/ml.
  • CE and FDA-approved
  • Highly Sensitive - 25mlU/mL
  • Allows You To Pinpoint When Ovulation Occurs
  • Pregnancy Test Measures The Level Of  HCG (pregnancy hormone) In Your Urine

AccuMed is part of a generation of advanced high quality health care products which are bridging the gap between innovation, ease of use and affordability. The number of health conscious consumers, are increasing exponentially every day, and AccuMed is here to cater to all of them with our safe and effective medical products! AccuMed's varying ranges of health care products provide benefits to everyone from the young, to the young at-heart.  AccuMed Test Strips is just one of the quality health care products available at AccuMed.

COUPON CODE: Save 10% on the AccuMed Test Strips with this code: ACCUSALE.  This code is good until March 9, 2015.

With many thanks to Foscam, one person is going to win the Foscam FBM3502 Digital Baby Monitor and the AccuMed Combo 50 Pack (LH) Ovulation Test Strips and 30 Pack (HCG) Pregnancy Test Strips. (arv: $172.00).  This giveaway will end on February 14, 2015, and is open to US residents 18+ only.

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