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Monday, January 19, 2015

It's A New Year - Time For Updated Glasses From - Review

Do you wear prescription glasses?  This last year, I just began to wear some prescription magnifiers, and my husband always needs to wear his.  Every year, I like him to get a new pair of prescription glasses.  It keeps him looking up-to-date and so dashing (well, he always looks dashing to me).  This year we got a pair at

My husband's prescription is very very tricky.  He has an astigmatism in both eyes, and he has trouble
getting someone to ground his prescription just right.  We used to travel 200 miles just for a particular man to make his lenses, but he retired.  Now it's like hit and miss to find a company that will make the lenses perfect.  I like to shop online for his glasses because there is just so much of a savings to be had there.  This year was a hit! made his prescription lenses perfect - and on the first try, too!

My husband got a beautiful frame called Hyannis.  The metal is a gunmetal color, and the sides are of a darker brown color.  They do look splendid on him.  They are a narrower frame than what I like on him, but because of his prescription, my husband had to get narrow frame.  It was what was recommended to get his tricky prescription just right.  He did have to adjust to the narrower frames since he has a wide face which took him a little while, but now that he has grown used to them, he really loves them.

Even though the front of the frames are narrow, they do flare out so there was never any worry that these frames would not fit.  With these new frames, my hubby is up-to-date and still so dashingly handsome.

The frames for his glasses only costs $19.95 - Isn't that a great deal!  Included with the frames came the single vision lenses, an anti-scratch coating, a very nice and sturdy protective case, and a lens cleaning cloth.  These extras came FREE with the glasses, and are worth $129!

The lens cleaning cloth does serve a dual purpose.  It cleans your glasses, and keeps them looking their best when you store the glasses in the case.  Just wrap the cloth around the lenses.

I was able to get my husband's glasses free in exchange for this review, but you can get your first pair FREE as well.  All you have to do is enter "FIRSTFREE" at checkout.

Not only do they have a selection of frames for men, but for women as well - and sunglasses, too. is loaded with every type of frame imaginable, from the latest up-to-date frames to a more classic frame.  Any size, shape of full frame, semi-rimless to rimless is just waiting there for you to make a selection from.

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