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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Learn Japanese Online In Only Minutes a Day with #RocketLanguages - Review & Giveaway - ends 2/10

My kids are really into clean Japanese anime and music.  I hear Japanese in the house every day.  It makes me so interested in learning how to speak it.  When I had the chance to review an online Japanese course, I jumped at the chance.

Learning Japanese is fun and easy at Rocket Languages.  It literally does just take minutes a day to learn.  I have been learning Japanese for about two weeks now, at my own pace.  Even though I have not progressed far into the course yet, I am grasping the fundamentals easily.

The Rocket Express Learning System has in-depth, step by step instructions on how Japanese actually works in English, as well as valuable cultural tips with our Language and Culture lessons.  There are thousands of words and phrases that are recorded.  Each of the phrases above are clearly spoken by the instructors.  You just click on the arrow at the left and up pops the instructor saying the phrase or word.

You can play the instructors recording over and over, speaking with them to learn the phrase or word correctly.  Then press on the red record button to see how well you are speaking.  As you can see, I am almost there.  

Reinforcement is the key to learning any language, and at Rocket Japanese it there for you:

Hear it Say it! tests and improves your understanding of spoken Japanese. Fantastic for training your ear to Japanese,

Write it! tests and improves your ability to write/type in Japanese, and at the same time reinforces the words, phrases and sentence structures, so they become very familiar to you...

Know it! All the training in the world won’t help you if someone is talking to you in Japanese and your mind freezes when it is your turn to speak! That’s why we developed Know it!; our tool for really putting you on the spot!

Play it! With our latest learning tool, Play it! you are taking part in the actual conversation from the Interactive Audio Course. Don’t ever toss and turn worrying about opening your mouth and having the wrong words come out. Play it! trains you to say the right thing at the right time.

Quiz! Test your knowledge of the Language lesson concepts with our multi-choice quiz.

When you learn Japanese with Rocket Japanese, you'll have unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to our team of:

Japanese teachers (including Rocket Japanese tutor, Sayaka),
native speakers,
and fellow Japanese enthusiasts...
...who will answer all your Japanese language questions.

It is easy to learn Japanese!  At Rocket Japanese everything is so easy to learn.  I only thought about just learning how to speak Japanese, but I am also learning how to write it as there are also great videos on how to write the Japanese writing system.  I think about the only thing that frustrates me is during the test, when you have to write out the Japanese, the character keyboard that Rocket gives you is a bit hard to find the right character that you want.  All-in-all, Rocket Japanese is a great!

You can learn Japanese from virtually anywhere, because you can access Rocket Japanese from any computer, tablet or smartphone, AND you can use the app that comes with every Rocket Japanese course. If you would like to learn Japanese, I recommend Rocket Japanese.   The Premium Level 1 Course that I reviewed is only $99.95.  That price is way cheaper than going to college, hiring a private tutor, or heading to Japan for total immersion.  Plus, here you can learn at your own pace!

How would you like to learn Japanese?  With many thanks to Rocket Languages, one person is going to win the same Premium Level 1 Course that I reviewed (arv: $99.95).  This giveaway will end on February 10, 2014.

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  1. Hey wow this will be cool! The Hubs is really into the Japanese language (leaving me in the dust), so it would be nice to catch up and converse, at least on a simple level! Many thanks for the opportunity!!

    On their website I learned that they have been listed on, so I have higher confidence that it will help me out.

  2. The system that guarantees that you will be able to master Japanese no matter what your previous experience of learning Japanese is.

  3. I learned that the scientific theory behind their courses is the "chunking" process or Miller's Law by Dr. George A. Miller.
    This would be such a neat win for me as I work for a Japanese owned company in the US and I would love to be able to speak at least a few words of Japanese to be able to interact more.

  4. I have never heard of the "chunking" method of teaching another language. I got a "Learn Japanese" tape from the library once and it was horrible. I didn't retain anything. I really do want to learn Japanese because I want to travel there one day, this would be awesome! I think that I can remember things in small chunks.

  5. I have always wanted to learn a new language!

  6. I am starting to learn Japanese but I don't think Rocket is suite to a beginner like me. Does any one know any free app for beginner? Thanks in advance!


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