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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ozeri Precision Digital Scale - Start Your Resolution Off With a New Accurate Scale - Review

Did you make a resolution to lose weight this year?  I guess I did vowing to myself that I would lose some extra pounds.  One item is essential when trying to lose weight, and that's a good accurate scale to accurately track your progress.  I am so fortunate that I am reviewing a great scale from Ozeri that will help me keep me on the right path.

The Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale is perfect to keep that New Year's Resolution going all the way up to your goal, and then to keep at the goal as well!  The Ozeri scale uses 4 high precision GX sensors to weigh up to 400 pounds (180 kilograms) in 0.2 pounds or 0.1 kg increments.  

It's so easy to weight yourself throughout the day with this precision scale from Ozeri.  To get it activated, just step on it, and the new Insta-On technology captures your weight is quickly and with precision accuracy.  No tapping is required to get this scale on or activated.

So sturdy to stand on with it's impact resistant tempered glass top.  Another great feature to this scale is that the platform you stand on is over-sized.  That's a big plus in my household since my husband has size 15 feet - his feet to not hang off the edges.

So easy to read from above with it's big wide digital LED display.  

When you first activate the scale, it is set to pounds, but with a little press of the red button on the bottom of the scale, it's easy to set the scale to kilograms.  The scale does need a battery in order to show your weight.  It runs on 1 Lithium 2032 battery which is conveniently included - love included batteries!  To conserve the battery life, it automatically shuts off.

To show how accurate the scale is, I grabbed my son's old barbells that he uses.  Each one is five pounds, and the scale registered 10 pounds exactly.  When I got on the scale, (no, I am not going to share with you my weight-ha!), it measured me much more accurately than my old scale as I weighed less, which made me feel good!

It is really a good looking scale (Ozeri has won awards for this design) and compliments our bathroom so well.  I need this scale as it's going to get a lot of use over the year as I do plan on losing those extra pounds that I don't need.

Parting remark: It's super simple to clean!

Do you need a precision scale that will accurately weigh you for your New Year's Resolution?  I suggest that you get the Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale at Amazon.  It's a bargain price, too!  As with all of Ozeri's fine line of products, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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