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Friday, January 23, 2015

#Review - Coffee Travel Mug

When I go places, I want to take my own mug with me either already filled with steamy fresh brewed tea or ready for some hot water to brew a fresh cup.  Yup, I don't drink coffee; I am strictly a tea drinker.  I like to have tea wherever I go just like a die hard coffee drinker especially if I am out for a whole day.  By a good travel mug, I mean one that just doesn't spill, keeps your drink nice and hot, fits in the car's cup holder, and looks great all at the same time.

I did find one finally that fits every requirement that I have.  From "Starving For More Products" is the 16oz Coffee Travel Mug.  You will thoroughly enjoy carrying and using this attractive, custom travel mug when on-the-go. It's 16oz size will give you enough capacity to enjoy a full cup of coffee, tea or whatever your favorite beverage is when you are on the road. You will find the hook handle easy to grab with it's finger grip design. It is also far enough away from the container so you will not "feel the heat" from the hot beverage inside. The double plastic thermal wall will keep your favorite beverage as hot or cold as when you poured it in for hours.

The tight snap-on lid will not come off even if you accidentally knock the cup over.  The lid has a slide lock on it that won't make it leak proof, but will not allow the liquid inside to spill out everywhere.  You can catch this before your hot contents scorch your pants or anything else.  This locking lid will even not allow your coffee or tea to splash out when you are walking around with the mug.  When the slide lock is open the opening in the cover is designed so as to prevent a geyser of hot liquid from pouring out onto your lips when drinking.

This mug has a sturdy double wall thermal plastic insulation to keep your beverage from getting cold.

This is one of the best Coffee Travel Mugs that I have yet to find.  It really keeps my tea warm for quite a long time, it's a nice looking mug, and that handle makes it so easy to carry around with me.  The stainless steel on the outside of the mug makes it super easy to clean (hand washing is recommended).   If you would like one, it's currently on sale at Amazon.  Buy It Today for only $24.99.  It comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

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