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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rip Toned Neoprene Compression Knee Sleeve - Review

My husband loves to lift weights.  He has ever since he was a football player back in college.  Even though he's a bit older now, he still likes to lift, but knee pain gets him down a bit.  That's why when I had the chance to review the RipToned neoprene compression knee sleeve, I got it just for him.

Working out a lot with weights, playing sports, running can really do some damage on your knees, and some people experience a lot of knee pain.

You only have 2 knees so take care of them and make them last.  Whether your knees are perfect or not it's time to show them some love.  A Rip Toned knee sleeve provides compression, stability & warmth for your knees during activity.  The Knee Sleeve By Rip Toned is a compression neoprene support for both men and  women.  It's great for Basketball, Running, Powerlifting, Weightlifting and Squatting with its 7mm of padding.

Knee Sleeves are Great For...

-When you would like extra knee support for greater performance

-Any activity when you could sustain a knee injury

-If you experience knee pain during an activity like climbing stairs, going for a walk or activities at work

-If you have an existing knee injury & would like to encourage healing

Our 7mm neoprene knee sleeve provides excellent compression and support while not restricting movement.  The snug fit helps reduce swelling and pain of an injured knee during activity and at rest.  The compression keeps muscles and joints warm & increases blood flow during activities.  The Rip Toned sleeve also provides excellent patella support.

So slip on your knee sleeve and use it for optimal performance and to insure your knees allow you to do the activities you love for a long time to come.


- Endorsed by Kevin Weiss Pro Bodybuilder and Powerlifter
- Top quality Neoprene with durable stitching
- Comes in reusable zipper pouch
- Black with red striping
- Machine/hand wash then air dry

Buy a Rip Toned Knee Sleeve and Receive the Following

- Kevin Weiss Rockin' Abs Guide
- Kevin Weiss Low Carb Diet Guide

Product Guarantee - The ONLY Knee Sleeve Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee

Take care of your knees... Do the activities you love with confidence. Provide support, prevent injury, encourage healing.

The Perfect Fit - use the sizing guide line in images to find the correct fit for your body (typically get one size smaller for best compression and to allow for minimal stretching)

Designed with you in mind. From the high school basketball player to the businessman out for a jog to the elite weightlifter, we have you covered.

Rip Toned's premium 7mm neoprene provides maximum compression, support and warmth to your knee joint, giving you joint protection and increased circulation, reduces knee pain and swelling and to aid in healing of injured knees.

I went by the instructions to order for my husband, and the X-Large should have fit him, but it was just too small to get it up his muscular thigh.

If you believe that this is for you, purchase the RipToned Neoprene Compression Knee Sleeve at Amazon.  Be sure to read how to order to get the right size just for you.  Backed by Rip Toned's unmatched Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and comes with a bonus ebook packed full of goodies.

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