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Thursday, January 29, 2015

#ShopletReviews - Get The Duck At Shoplet - GeckoTech Resuable Hooks & Duck Packaging Tape

I can always expect something wonderful to review from every month. Their online store is just loaded with the biggest assortment of office supplies. is the #1 online business supply retailer and one of the most visited websites in its category. This month came with some great items from Duck brand.

The Duck brand offers quality, care and extraordinary value to consumers looking for friendly and convenient solutions to everyday problems.  The items that Shoplet sent me are just a few examples of what The Duck brand has to offer: GeckoTech Reusable Hooks and High Performance Packaging Tape.

Here is something that most everyone could use, reusable hooks that can be placed almost anywhere.  These hooks are designed to help organize your space without leaving behind any residue or damage.  How do they work?  GeckTech Reusable Hooks are made using a revolutionary Micro Suction synthetic rubber technology that allows them to be used again and again.  It works on painted surfaces, glass, laminate, stainless steel, tile and more.

I got two sizes to work with.  I was sticking them everywhere they could stick around the house.  The kids thought I was a bit nuts, but I was having fun.  The GeckoTech Reusable hook that holds up to 5 lbs. held my purse with ease.  If you look at the refrigerator, you can hardly notice the hook is even there.  The micro suction are so small, you can't see them just by looking at them.  These are great!

The other Duck brand item I received was the HP260 Packaging Tape with the dispenser.   The HP260 is crystal clear.  This high performance 3.1 mil premium packaging tape is perfect  for your shipping needs.  HP260 features wide temperature range performance and is resistant to untraviolet rays which eliminates yellowing and increases shelf life.  This is a high-performance packaging tape that was designed to meet the demands of both heavy duty box shipping and long-term storage applications.

When you are shipping a package or just storing a box away, the last thing you want to worry about is the tape not sticking or ripping.  You want to know that the tape your using can handle the rough handling that shipping companies will put it through.  Plus, this tape fits perfectly in your drawer, when you use it, it unwinds effortlessly and with less noise!  See and hear for yourself:

These Duck brand items are just a sampling what is available at - where you'll find everything you need for your business and home office!

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