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Friday, January 9, 2015

#ShopletReviews @HP EcoFFICIENT High Performance Lower Impact Copy Paper - Review

Printing coupons at home is big with me.  I don't go shopping without bringing my coupons with me.  To print coupons, you do need a quality paper where the color does not bleed out into the fibers.  Those bar lines are especially important as so many places will not take the coupon if it does not scan.  If you print coupons, with the cheapest paper you'll end up losing more money than you will save as the ink will saturate the paper making the bar codes unreadable at the register.

For couponing, I do use an HP paper with ColorLok technology so I know the coupon is going to scan at the register.  What I don't like about it is when I have so many printed coupons that it weighs down my coupon keeper (thus my purse as well).  This last year, HP has come out with a new 16lb lightweight paper - EcoFFICIENT Paper.  This paper is 20% lighter than the standard 20lb copy paper.

It really is a very nice paper.  You can feel how much lighter the paper is when you hold it in comparison to 20lb paper.  It is perfect for couponing, and everyday printing.  For the office, it's good for internal documents, drafts, and copies.  I would not use this paper for any kind of presentation because it is more see-through than regular standard paper.   It is much lighter to carry around with you.

I did the coupon test this morning to see how well this paper holds the ink.  The California Dairy coupon has been a tricky one, and I have been having trouble with this one printing correctly recently with my usual paper.  I printed it up with the EcoFFICIENT paper, and headed on down to the grocery store to see if it would work.  The girl had no trouble at all scanning this coupon.  (It's so nice to save on milk as we go through so much of it here!).

The HP EcoFFICIENT Paper is a high performance paper that helps you work and print more efficiently.

Excellent performance guaranteed in all 16 lb. (60 g/m2) HP EcoSMART, lightweight and thin paper compatible printers and copiers.

The ultra white shade of this paper gives you  brighter, sharper, text, and colors.

50 pages of each paper
Print more efficiently as you can fit up to 125 more sheets in your printer tray for less refilling.

Takes less space to store.

Because a carton weighs 10lbs less, it's easier to lift and carry

All HP Everyday Papers are made in North America are certified to the Forest Stewardshop Council (FSC).  This assures the forests that provide the renewable resources from which this paper is made from are responsibly managed and harvested, helping to ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water quality for future generations.

For this review, HP, in conjunction with Shoplet, sent me two trial packs of HP EcoFFICIENT Paper, an HP coffee mug, and a flash drive.  This in no way swayed my review, and all opinions are my own.

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