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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Intelli-Pillow from IntelliBed - Review

For the past few months if not the last half year, I have been noticing that my memory foam pillow just was not giving me the best night's sleep.  It's a contour pillow for a side sleeper with one side a lower bump and the other side a larger bump.  Because I'm small, I usually sleep on the smaller side, but sometimes it just seems too low.  I'll wake in the night uncomfortable, then turn the pillow to the other side which really is way to big under my neck.  It's a process that will keep going on several times a night.  I just want to be comfortable all night long and get a great night's sleep.

For the past week, I have been sleeping better with the intelli-Pillow from IntelliBed.  This one is meant just for a side sleeper like me, a contour pillow.  But this pillow is not like my memory foam contour pillow with made for all lumps on each side.  The intelli-Pillow fills with air to contour perfectly under my neck to precisely the right size.  With it fitting perfectly, I've had no problems with adjusting to the pillow.

If you have trouble finding a pillow that properly supports your head all night long this pillow is for you. IntelliBed starts with a soft, but supportive foam core then adds an adjustable, hand-pumpable air chamber that let’s you adjust the contour of the pillow by about 2 inches. This allows you to set the pillow at the perfect angle between your head and shoulder to get the support that’s just right for you.  Once you get that angle of support it remains that way until you change it by adjusting the amount of air.

With an added plush layer of Intelli-GEL Advanced Cushioning Material for outstanding comfort and finish up with a zippered cotton knit cover that perfectly complements the feel of the gel.  The Intelli-GEL Advanced Cushioning Material is like a waffled gel layer on both sides.  It feels a little funny when you touch it, but is tremendously comfortable under the washable cotton knit cover.

When you get your IntelliPillow, be careful that you don't over-inflate the air chamber in the pillow.  It is suggested that only a small amount of support be used, so that the support lobe is barely noticeable, and then slept on the first night.  Most people find that a very slight amount of support works best for them.  Try that for a night, and if you need a little more support you can always add a little more air.  If you find that you've added too much, just use the release valve in until you are happy.  Since I have been sleeping on a bit of a hard memory foam pillow, I still like an extra amount of support, and I am very comfortable with it.

The pillow is designed for years of comfort.  Once you have inflated your pillow to your desired firmness, the pillow should never have to be adjusted again.  It is trouble-free and worry-free.  The pillow can be flipped from one side to the other, and you will also have the same support on each side.  To give the pillow its maximum life, you are encouraged to flip the pillow over from time-to-time.  I have been flipping mine each night before bedtime.

The IntelliPILLOW is great for side sleepers and back sleepers alike! It comes in three options, the side sleeper regular, the side sleeper low profile and the back sleeper.   ORDER Now - Shipping is FREE!

IntelliBed cares about your sleep.  All of their products are made from toxic-free materials, come with a great warranty, and are guaranteed!  IntelliBed also makes quality mattresses.

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