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Saturday, February 28, 2015

#Review - Soft and Detangling Hair Brushes From Hair Symphony That Comes With a Bonus Cosmetic Bag

My daughters and I all have long wavy hair.  While my daughters' hair has nice thick strands from their Greek heritage, I, even though I have a lot of hair, inherited thin strands that can easily break.  Because I can't find too many brushes that won't break off the ends of my hair, I usually just use a comb - until I got this set of brushes from Hair Symphony to review.

These are the gentlest brushes that I have ever used.  Neither of these brushes will grip my hair and tear it to shreds.  These brushes just glide through my hair with easy.  My hair has been looking oh so nice by using these two great brushes that have been designed for professional salons.

The pink detangling brush can be used it on both dry or wet hair as it's no problem for this styling brush.  It will safely remove knots or tangles with its flexible and carefully alligned pins that easily glide through any type of hair.  Kids will love it as they will not have to bear the pains of a comb pulling on their hair and damaging it.  In order to detangle your hair, just brush you hair, wet or dry, in the direction of it's natural flow.  If you find that you have a more difficult tangle, you can brush your hair in a more diagonally or sideways motion.  In any case, make sure you do it softly and with patience.  Any kind of exertion or tugging hard on a tangle can still damage your hair, and there is not need to press the brush hard into the scalp.

The styling brush is a great comfort to the scalp thanks to the cushion that allows the nylon pins to glide through the natural flow of your hair.  To use, just grip the handles, and use the bristled side to brush your hair in the direction of your natural hair flow.  The soft bristles are designed to go smoothly through your hair.

Does your current brush give static to your hair?  Both of these brushes from Hair Symphony will not give any static to your hair.  Once our air dries out here in the desert, static electricity abounds.  For some reason I am prone to getting shocked and my hair freaking out due to static electricity.  We did have a dry spell last week where it seemed everything was shocking me, but my hair seemed immune to the static now that I have been using the Hair Symphony brushes.

Along with the brushes comes a cosmetic bag to store them in.  It keeps them clean and free of dust while they are being stored.

The Hair Symphony Soft and Detangling Brushes are working so well for me.  My hair feels and looks great!  Hair Symphony wants to make your hair feel just as special as mine does.  They created an Exclusive Offer on this brush set that you won't want to miss out on.

#Review - On the Go with François et Mimi Sports Water #DoubleWallBottles

When we go out the one thing that is a must to take with us is water.  Being desert dwellers, we know the importance of bringing water with us everywhere.  Yet, wherever you live, wherever you go, you should always have water with you.

I have never been a fan of water bought from a store.  Why?  Because they are stored in plastic bottles most likely with BPA that is leaching into the water that you are going to drink.  I love having my own water bottles that I can fill with water that I know is pure and good.  Having them leak-proof and insulated to keep water cold in summer in a big plus!

My college son was happy that I got this set of two double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel sports water bottles with leak-proof flip tops that hold 20 oz made by François et Mimi to review.  Not only will they keep your water nice and cold in summer, but they are très chic!  The whole family agrees that these water bottles are a handsome duo.

What are the other features that makes these water bottles the ones to buy?  They are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel that is double walled insulated.  The insulation ensures that your water will stay cold in summer.  These bottle are leak-proof with a vacuum seal.  The flip top lids are leak-proof and are silicone tipped to protect your teeth.  Manufactured with absolutely no BPA because François et Mimi cares about the health of their consumers.

Here is a picture of one of the bottles on it's side to show the unbreakable stainless steel interior.  It has a nice 2" wide opening that can accommodate large ice cubes.  It is a sippy bottle with a BPA-free straw so you don't have to tip it over to drink from it.  That's good for the safety of a thirsty driver.

The bottles are super easy to clean.  Everything comes apart so that you can get to every little nook and cranny.

I love how the flip-top was designed.  It is so easy to get a brush through to clean it.  Also, the silicone tip is also removable so you can clean that as well.  When you have a good bottle like these that you are going to be using on a daily basis, it is important to keep them clean.

These water bottles are my son's and husband's constant buddies.  My husband keeps his with him all night and day to keep hydrated, and my son takes one to college with him.  The slim design fits perfectly in a side pocket on his book bag.  It's lightweight even when filled with water.  These water bottles from François et Mimi are perfect for the on the go people like us.

Are you an on the go person that needs a great bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day?  Then the set of two 20-ounce double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel (18/8) sports water bottles with leak-proof flip tops from François et Mimi are for you.  BUY TODAY at AMAZON!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Microbiome Plus+ Heart - Probiotics and Omega-3 For Your Heart - #Review & #Giveaway - ends 3/16/15 US

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you will know that I love taking probiotics.  To me, good health starts in the gut.  If your gut is sluggish, plugged as my husband would put it, you are prone to sickness and disease.  Why?  Because your body's waste products should leave your system quickly, not stay in there.  Some of this stuff is toxic.  It needs to leave your body and not get absorbed into your system.  In turn, all these toxins in your system suppresses your immune system, and is one reason for sickness and disease.  One supplement that I take daily to prevent this from happening is probiotics.

A good probiotic supplement delivers to your system healthy and supportive bacteria.  Good bacteria will give you optimal digestive health to speed those toxins out of your system.  It will keep bad bacteria from settling in your digestive system, and will keep yeast and candida from spiraling out of control.  A good probiotic will get your system absorbing the good nutrients more readily to nourish your body and immune system.

The probiotic that I take daily is from Microbiome Plus+.  I recently had been taking the Microbiome Plus+ GI, and it really worked well for me.  I recently received a different probiotic to try - Microbiome Plus+ Heart.  This one not only supports your digestive track and immune system, but also combats heart disease.

Microbiome Plus+ has combined their probiotic with an omega 3 softgel to be taken twice a day.  Omega-3 essential fatty acids are a critical nutrient in the fight against heart disease.  To improve and maintain heart health, you should take the daily recommended intake of omega-3 and probiotics.  These together will help to reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.  Microbiome Plus+ Heart helps us maintain our daily intake.

From renewable and sustainable sources Microbiome Plus+ Heart is a more complete heart health dietary supplement that provides the full American Heart Association daily dietary recommendation of omega-3 which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease plus the probiotic L. reuteri NCIMB 30242, which supports normal cholesterol levels and inflammatory response.  It will reduce plaque buildup in arteries increases risk of cardiac events like heart attack and stroke, and will lower your blood pressure.  Just taking these two twice daily with meals is all you need to help keep your your system running smoothly - your digestive system and your coronary system.

One box of Microbiome Plus+ Heart contains four individual boxes for each week.  The individual boxes have two blister packs designed to keep each capsule and softgel fresh.  No refrigeration is needed.  I have been taking this for over a week now.  I do get a few fish burps every now and then, but these burps are really not too harsh.  I really can't stand an overall fishy flavor, and I can take these well.

A word of advice for my readers that may be pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing not to use this product.  Any supplement that contains fish oil, like the Microbiome Plus+ Heart, does contain trace amounts of mercury.  You do not want this heavy metal to pass to your child.

Buy It:  Start supporting your heart and digestive health, and start taking Microbiome Plus+ Heart.  Purchase Today at Amazon.  For a 2-in-1 supplement of both a quality probiotic and omega-3, it's only $29.89.

With many thanks to Microbiome Plus+, one person is going to win a one month's supple of Microbiome Plus+ Heart (arv: $30).  This giveaway will end on March 16, 2015, and is open to US residents 18+ only.  Only the first entry is mandatory, all other entries are optional.  Be sure to bookmark this page to come back to claim your daily bonus entries!

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#Review - Unbreakable Silicone Glasses from Ramini Brands - Take Them Anywhere

Going camping, fishing, or just for a stroll in the backyard?  When your out camping, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors right outside your home, do you like to have a nice cozy drink with you in an elegant glass not some paper cup?  Then take with you the Ramini Brands Silicone Glasses!

These silicone cups are the perfect accessory to take with you anywhere.  They are shaped just like wine stemless wine glasses.  These multi-purpose travel glasses are perfect for when you are camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or simply by the campfire. How about the outdoor BBQ or pool party? Kid's Birthday Parties? Sailing? Yes, they work! Fill it with your favorite soda, milk, juice, wine or spirit. Even water works - I've been using these daily with my liver clean cranberry water.

When you receive the silicone glasses in the mail, you'll find that they are beautifully packed in a clear box with recyclable safe filling.  This nice looking box can be easily gift wrapped for gift giving for birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays.

These cups have a real nice design.  I show one laying on its side in the picture above, but these cups don't tip over easily as I have tried to.  The way that they are shaped combined when filled with your beverage, if they do get tipped a bit, these cups tend to go back upright.

Go ahead and squish these cups into your pockets to take with you anywhere.  They won't shatter like glass will.  They are strong, durable, and resuable.  In addition to its sharp design, Ramini Brands® best silicone glasses are eco-friendly, lightweight, portable, and easy to clean.

Ramini Brands best silicone glasses come in an 11 oz. serving size. It is just the perfect size to sip your favorite drink - be it a glass of nice red wine to sip in the evening....

Or when your watching your favorite Star Trek adventure, you can sip some Romulan ale.  These cups are FDA complaint, BPA-free and eco-friendly. These are the best reusable glasses made of food grade non-stick silicone. They are microwave, oven and freezer safe and can resist temperatures between -40 C to +250 C. Incredibly designed to prevent taste transfer and leaks. Ramini Brands glasses won't break so the fear we all had when entertaining guests using our breakable glassware is gone. It is perfect for drinking any of your favorite beverages.

I do have to add that the cups did come to me with an odor.  Because of being shipped overseas and in a tightly packed cargo container, the cups were not allowed to 'breathe'.  The smell was simply taken care of by soaking the cups a few days in water mixed with baking soda and vinegar.  After that, they have been odor free every since.  I do use these on a daily basis.  I like to keep one next to me while I work on my laptop.  Like I said, they are hard to tip over, so I don't have to worry about my laptop getting soaked with water.

Want some go anywhere cups?  You won't have to hesitate about using them around your guests. They will certainly spark conversation and allow your friends and family to "wine" down!  Get Them Today At Amazon!  With your purchase of these silicone glasses, you get a BONUS eBook with Wine and Spirits Recipes and How to Brew Beer at HomeYour satisfaction is Ramini Brands priority.  They are so sure you will love these silicone glasses that they offer a no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee and you can keep the best BONUS recipes as their gift to you. 

Join the Ramini Brands VIP Club - It's free to join!  Each time Ramini Brands launches a product, they will provide you with a coupon code so that you get yours at a very discounted price.  All they ask is that you provide honest feedback via a product review regarding the speed of delivery and product packaging.   The goal at Ramini Brands is that you are amazingly happy with their 5-star service.  Please complete the form to join for free!

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