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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#Review - François et Mimi Two Tier Hammock Fruit Basket

Fruit is something that we like to keep handy in the house for when we get a snack attack.  Until recently, I really didn't have anyplace to put my fruit into except a mixing bowl.  That becomes a hassle when I wanted to use that particular mixing bowl, and, quite frankly, it didn't look the way that I would want to display my fruit.  Now I have an elegant fruit basket to display my fruit with dignity and keeps that mixing bowl free.

Isn't this just lovely!  This two tier hammock style fruit basket is made by François et Mimi.  This elegant chrome finished fruit basket is chic and functional.

The François et Mimi fruit basket is about sixteen inches high and about thirteen inches across.  It takes up hardly any space on the table or counter that you put it on.

It's easy to put together.  The sides just slide into the base and stay put with some tension.

The baskets are held on with a nice large hook.  The hammock baskets to tend to swing a bit when you add or take out fruit, and the size of the hooks keep the hammock baskets on.  There are no sharp edges on the basket either.

Here's the basket all loaded with fruit.  It's quite a lot of fruit for the small space that this basket takes up.  I really like how the air is able to circulate around the fruit to keep it fresher or to help with ripening.  With this fruit basket from François et Mimi, we are ready for a healthy snack attack!

Would you like this decorative fruit basket to have your fruit ready for a healthy and quick snack attack?  Get It Today at Amazon for the François et Mimi Two Tier Hammock Fruit Basket is modestly priced for only $24.99.  That is a great deal for such a handsome fruit basket.

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