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Thursday, February 26, 2015

#Review - Nourish Your Skin with Bee Naturals All Natural Miracle #SkinCreme

In order to keep clean and not get sick, I do what so many professionals advise - I wash my hands frequently.  I may be keeping myself and my family from getting sick, but all that frequent hand washing dries my hands out so much that they are rough, so dry and cracked.

When I found out that I had a chance to review an all natural pure skin creme with no harsh chemicals or preservatives, I jumped at the chance.  The big brand name lotions that my girls come home with from the store that they like just lay a layer of gunk on my hands that doesn't do a thing for my dry chapped hands.   I wanted something that would actually soften my hands, and this all natural skin creme tackled that job like a miracle!

This Miracle Skin Creme comes from Bee Naturals.  Bee Naturals was developed by Barbara Chappuis.  She had almost the same problem that I had, dry, cracked, raw, and nearly bleeding hands, even with constant use of virtually every commercially available creme and lotion.  This came from working in the hospital environment where her hands needed to be kept clean, plus her hands were always exposed to a myriad of harmful substances in the hospital work environment.  She was unsatisfied with all the lotions she found on store shelves - plus most of these products also included chemicals that are as harmful to the skin as what she needed protection from, such as parabens.  After much research, Barbara came out with Bee Naturals, products with high quality ingredients but not with a superfluous amount of ingredients.

The Bee Naturals Miracle Skin Creme is not your typical skin cream.  It's ingredients are simple, just olive oil (olea europaea), beeswax (cera alba), virgin coconut oil (cocos nucifera), honey, propolis, rosemary (rosemarinas officinalis).  With just these six ingredients, it is not a creamy glob of gunk, it's pretty much solid.  In order to use, you do have to warm it in your hands first to soften, then just glide your hands over the area you wish to treat.

It is a bit oily when you first put it on, but will absorb into the skin within a few minutes.  I do use this twice a day.  At night, I will put on a generous amount on my hands, rubbing on the backs, palms, fingers, and into my cuticles.  It has really worked very well.  The backs are my hands are no longer chapped.  My cuticles are much softer now, and don't crack apart creating those sore hangnails.

When using, you don't need to use a lot.  A little of the Miracle Skin Creme goes a long way.  I have a 2 oz. jar, and I can see it lasting for a few months.  I do use the Miracle Skin Creme on my lips as well.  It's really the six simple ingredients with no harsh chemicals that are the key to keeping my skin so soft.

The Bee Naturals Miracle Skin Creme is a blend of time honored ingredients from nature that will soothe, soften, nourish and pamper your skin. It can be used for the face, lips, hands.....anywhere your skin needs a little tender loving care.  BUY IT TODAY!  It comes in three sizes: .7 oz,, 2 oz, and 4 oz.  The 2 oz. jar that I received to review is only priced at $21.82.  Your skin will love this creme made from six all natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Bee Naturals' goal is to provide luxurious, premium quality products using the purest natural ingredients, formulated utilizing small batch techniques to create a product designed to help heal, normalize and maintain healthy beautiful skin.

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