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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#Review - Support Your Liver's Health with Vita Pure Milk Thistle PLUS Promo Code

I recently got a book at my local health food store called The Fat Flush Plan.  It's really a great book on how to melt the fat from your body while also detoxifying your system.  In it the author, Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., tell us that one of the biggest reasons that we have stored fat on our body is a sluggish toxic liver.  How can you tell if your liver is 'toxic'?  Here are some of the signs that Gittleman points out:

Weight gain, especially around the abdomen
Abdominal bloating
High blood pressure
Elevated cholesterol
Mood swings
Skin rashes

The liver is quite a regulator in the body.  At Vita Pure's website I learned that "(The liver) helps our blood remove harmful substances, hormone production, detoxification, it releases glucose to give our body energy and the liver releases bile into our small intestine so fat can be absorbed for nutrition."  If our liver is not working correctly, our whole body can go out of whack.

One supplement that Gittleman recommends to help detoxify your liver is milk thistle.  Milk thistle has been used for over 2000 years for the liver.  Milk Thistle contains silymarin, that's the active ingredients, which accelerates the repair of liver cells  I have found an excellent company, Vita Pure, that offers the highest quality of Milk Thistle Extract plus it's standardized to 80% Silymarin.


This Natural Health Care Supplement Helps One of the Most Overworked Organs in the Body...the Liver.

Why People are Excited About Pure Milk Thistle? And, What Are The Milk Thistle Benefits?

1. Rebuilds Liver Cells and Removes Toxins.

Rebuilding the liver cells and removing toxins are the key features of Vita Pure Product's Pure Milk Thistle. It's a liver detox.

2. Powerful Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory.

Milk Thistle has been clinically shown to be a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory health supplement and provides cell regenerating. Many people are very surprised to discover that as an anti-oxidant it is significantly more powerful than either Vitamin E or Vitamin C.

3. Shown to Reverse Liver Damage.

Milk Thistle as a liver support & liver aid can decrease and reverse the damage to the liver caused by over-the-counter-medicines and prescription drugs, excessive alcohol consumption as well as the effects of pollutants found in the environment.

4. Many Health Benefits With This Liver Support Natural Supplement Include:

Helps with hangovers, diseases of the spleen, depression, uterine complaints, increasing breast milk flow, and allergy symptoms.  Breast feeding mothers should consult with their physician before taking this supplement.

I have been taking Vita Pure's Milk Thistle for over two weeks now, and have experienced no side effects.  I have been feeling more full of energy, and I have been losing some weight.  I am going to continue to take Vita Pure's Milk Thistle as it is very reasonably priced for such a quality product.

Safety and purity of their products are very important at Vita Pure Products.  This liver aid supplement is made in the USA in a Certified GMP facility to ensure the safety for you and your family.  Get it NOW on Amazon!  FREE Bonus Report with Every Purchase: Discover the Top 5 Foods You Need To Help Your Liver Now.

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At Vita Pure Products, they are committed to offer you 100% Pure and Natural Products for Weight Loss with Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones, a liver cleanse and liver detox supplement with Milk Thistle, and digestive enzyme capsules to improve your digestion. All of these products are made of the highest quality ingredients, Made in the U.S. under very strict standards, and you can safely buy them on Amazon with a no-question 100% Money Back Guarantee. your family.

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