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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday with Linky - Happy 100th Birthday To a Little Old Farm Boy - February 11, 2015

This Wordless Wednesday is going to be a bit different, and a bit more wordy as I am wishing a dear friend of ours a very Happy Birthday with many more to come!  I'm talking about one of newest centenarians, Marion.

Just a little ol’ farm boy from North Dakota, that’s what Marion calls himself.  Indeed, he was born on a farm in the western part of North Dakota 100 years ago this year.  Yes, he is a full century old.  Marion is a rugged individual that looks years younger than that century mark.  Even several heart attacks in his fifties could not stop this Centennial Man.

Marion's parents
In his early days on the farm, Marion’s father taught him how to grow wheat, barley, flax, to name a few, also how to raise cattle, chickens, and other various farm animals.  Life was never too dull for Marion in North Dakota, why he would even wrangled rattlesnakes!

Yes, Marion and his friends taught themselves how to catch and have fun with full grown rattlers.  Here’s how they did it.  They would chase after a rattlesnake, catch it by its tail, then snap the rattler quickly like a whip.  This would break all the bones in the back of the snake.  Then they would wear the snake around their necks like a prize.  Don’t tell Marion’s mother that he did this.  She most likely would have had his father take him behind the woodpile.

Marion's Family Home - now gone.
In North Dakota, the winters there were just as cold as they get now.  The house that Marion lived in was not built like the homes of today.  There was no insulation in the walls and the windows were just single pain.  To help insulate the house against the cold, he remembers his mother pouring water on the windows.  The water would freeze thus providing some sort of barrier against the cold.

Farming in North Dakota was just not the life that Marion envisioned for himself.  He went to college and became an accountant.  He moved to Los Angeles and found himself a job.  He ended up being a major accountant and investment counselor.  He traveled the world looking at new investments for his clients.  One place he investigated was a diamond mine in South Africa.

Marion with just one of his sisters
While living in Los Angeles he became good friends to the likes of George Burns, Jack LaLanne, and Jack Benny.  He even played poker with some of them on Saturday nights!  George Burns was always full of wise cracks for Marion especially how Marion was always too busy for a woman.

That’s right, Marion is a life-long confirmed bachelor.  Oh, he likes women well enough.  He has a 70 year old spicy girlfriend that has really put the zing back into his life.  She is really a sweet gal!

A century of kindness, a century of achievement, a passion for life, sprinkled together with a little mischievousness, that’s our little ol’ farm boy from North Dakota.  We are so happy to have been Marion's friend for so many years, and we hope that our friendship will continue on until one day we hear that Marion is the oldest living man in the world!  BTW: He is still licensed to drive, and does so regularly.

Marion was born near Gorham, South Dakota, which is near the Badlands and Teddy Roosevelt National Park on February 10, 1915.

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