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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comforting Children All Night Long - KinderGlo Fun and Safe Portable Night Light - Review & #Giveaway - ends 04/06/15 US

Is your child afraid of the dark?  Having a night light really helps to ease the tension of a child being scared in the night, afraid of what just might be lurking in the shadows.  But then, having just a regular plug-in night light a child can't unplug it, and take it around the house to light the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  This dilemma can be solved with a KinderGlo Portable Night Light.

I added the music to this video.

Here is the perfect night light to keep the little terrors of the night away - The KinderGlo Fun and Safe Portable Night Light.  Your child can take it anywhere in the night, and that includes treks to the bathroom.  For our children, we would have nightlights lit throughout the house for our children to feel safe to visit the bathroom in the night.  Having a KinderGlo  Safe and Fun Portable Night Light to hang on to and light the way saves on the costs of having several night lights spread throughout the house.

For my review, KinderGlo sent me their Bear portable night light which will be given to my little granddaughter, Lucille, who is 10 months old.  Lucille loves to have a light on while she sleeps, and she loves bears! Right now her parents are keeping the hall light on all night for her, but I know how costly that is on the electric bill.  This little night light bear is powered with only LED lights that take only the fraction of energy as a traditional night light.

It's rechargeable which means no batteries to fuss with, and its soothing light will last 8 to 10 hours after each charge.  It can stay in bed with your child at night to cuddle with, taken on that trek to the bathroom, or on their way to sleep with mommy and daddy.  It just the right size for a child to hold and carry.  

It is so safe for your child to handle.  With a long lasting LED light within, it never gets hot to the touch like an ordinary light can.  It is made of a soft durable material that is free of any materials like phthalate, BPA and lead so it's perfectly safe and nontoxic for your child to carry around (and sometimes put into the mouth as little ones are apt to do).

The light that the KinderGlo gives off are all so soothing, and are not the harsh white light of what I grew up with.  It has several light settings that are so comforting, either a continuous color change or just a single color of blue, purple, red, or green.  In the video that I made above, you can see the calming light change - I added the music.

It's very easy to operate.  Just press the light button on the bottom of the KinderGlo night light figure  and it will turn on the night light.  From there you can select continually changing colors or a constant single color of blue, red or green.  Just one click of the button will leave the night light on for 30 minutes.  If you wish to have it on all night long, hold the black button down for three seconds until the red light goes off.

In the box with the KinderGlo figurine comes the charging base, the power cord, and a useer manual.  Each KinderGlo figurine comes to you fully charged.  There is an LED indicator light on the base that tells you that the KinderGlo is charging.  If there is a power outage, and the figurine is on its base, it will automatically light up (one feature that I really like!).

I always provided a night light for my children, from birth on up.  Since I was always afraid of the dark as a child, I didn't want my children to experience the terrors that I had as a child.  Now that my oldest daughter has a baby of her own, I want my granddaughter to have a comforting night light as well - one that can be safely close to her and light her way in the dark of night.  With thanks to KinderGlo, we parents do have a Fun Safe Portable Night Light for our children.

There are eight different KinderGlo figurines to choose from.   Each one has character, and one would be perfect for your child or grandchild to soothe any nighttime fears.  A durable figurine to even to play with or to be taken on long car trips.  Each one costs only $24.95, and with the long lasting LED light, the KinderGlo Night Light will keep working from infancy on up.

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The KinderGlo Fun Safe Portable Night Light would make a great present tucked into a child's basket this Easter!

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With many thanks to KinderGlo, one person is going to win one of their portable fun safe night lights!  Winner's choice of figurine.  This giveaway will ends on April 6, 2015, and is open to US residents 18+ only.  The first entry of a blog post comment is mandatory, all other entries are optional.  Be sure to bookmark this page to come back for your daily bonus entries.

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