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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Indulge Your Inner Geek with a Monthly Subscription to Geek Fuel - #Review and #Giveaway - ends 4/16 US

I guess I have always been a bit geeky, but more so with my kids being a bit geeky themselves (does it run in families?).   We are all a bit nerdy as we're retro gamers.   Most of us, including me, know enough C++ to get by.  We kept our old custom PC up and running for 10 years including stripping it down a few times and getting new equipment for the inside.  Who in our family doesn't love Dr. Who or Star Trek, etc?  Oh, and Tolkien - can't forget his classic books.  My daughter even married a big geek, and I think he's a great guy.  When I see cool geeky nerdy stuff, my inner geek just wants to be indulged!

Where do you go to get your inner geek satisfied?  You go to Geek Fuel!  Each month Geek Fuel will send you some great geeky stuff right to your home.  Each box is something different - it's a mystery as to what you will receive, but let it be known, each box will indulge the geekiness within you.

My geekiness was on high rev when we got home with our Geek Fuel box.  Actually we were all gathered around to see what cool items were to be found in the box.

Opening the box, we found it to be jammed full of cool items that really brought that geek within us in perspective.

RETRO Videogame Magazine was first on top.  Included with the magazine was a big sticker (we love stickers), and an I ♥ RETRO button to wear.  RETRO Magazine is dedicated to the past, present and future of the video gaming pastime that will hearken back to the amazing magazines from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. This issue exclusive to the Geek Fuel box, but it can be purchased at Retro for only a mere $5.  My boys have already read this cover to cover several times now, and love all the gamer news.

Do they still make soap on a rope?  Apparently so, but with a great twist - Space Invaders.  We all had a great laugh with this one.  We are saving it to present to my daughter's husband when they come to visit.  We thought he would get a real kick out of this to use when he bathes here.  I can see him laughing right now.

Included in the box was The Original Worms with a downloadable game code, and came with two sweet gummy worms to eat.  I got the edible worms, and the boys grabbed the game code.  The game is downloadable at Steam, which is the ultimate entertainment platform.  The game throws a grenade down memory lane, as Worms is the original and classic turn-based strategy game.  It's actually really fun to play, and I wish I had more time to play it more often.

Don't be bashful - wear your geekiness everywhere!  Included was this great t-shirt featuring Bat Man as PacMan and the cohorts of Joker, Cat Woman, The Riddler, and The Penguin that are ready to suck the life out of Batman.  Each month of Geek Fuel comes with a different originally designed t-shirt.

Here's the geeky greatness that I loved the most out of this box - a Wonder Woman glass!  I have always loved Wonder Woman.  She is fantastic!  This is a nice heavy pint-sized glass with the picture of Wonder Woman on one side....

...and the Wonder Woman emblem on the other side.  I so enjoy drinking from this glass everyday.

This monthly box of Geek Fuel really made us travel back down memory lane with all the great nerdy retro items.  This box was (sigh) wonderful!

Geek Fuel is a monthly service subscription plan for geeks, gamers, and nerds.  You can choose just one month, or, to indulge your inner geek, you can subscribe for 3, 6, or even for a whole year! - which is your best value of geekiness.   Join Geek Fuel today and start receiving a monthly mystery box for geeks, nerds and gamers. Each box will satisfy your inner geek as they are all packed with gamer gear, cool toys, collectibles, and all things epic delivered monthly to your door.

Do you have a geek, nerd or gamer in the house?  Why not get this person something some awesome collectibles or cool toys by giving a Geek Fuel Gift for Easter, birthdays, wedding, anniversary, etc.!

A Geek Fuel subscription can be mailed to 16 different countries around the globe!

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The above links are affiliate links.  If you do buy a subscription to Geek Fuel, I will receive a small compensation.

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