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Friday, March 20, 2015

#Review - Keep Small Valuables Protected with a Steel Book Safe

I have a small articles like some jewelry and a few coins that are worth a little bit of money.  I would like to keep them protected better than just in an old shoe box that is literally falling apart up in the top cupboard.  It would be nice to keep them someplace close at hand, but not within view.  With the Steel Book Safe from Wholesome Home, I have some place to store these small valuables.

This is quite a small marvel!  On the shelf it looks like an ordinary stupid old small dictionary, but inside is a different story.

Open the cover, and you find a steel lockable safe within.  This lock securely locks! (two keys are provided).  The hardened steel cannot be easily pried open.

This little safe is the perfect size to stash my few rare silver coins, my pearls, and a few other little valuable oddities.   I can also store cash, credit cards, important account numbers, safety deposit box keys, passwords to your important online accounts.  It can also serve as a place to store folded documents such as insurance papers, deeds, Rx bottles, passports, or birth certificates.  Kids love it for their private items, (Especially girls and their DIARIES). Parents feel safer keeping items locked: money, prescriptions, and jewelry. A hollowed out book will not protect those items once discovered, this will.

The outside cover of the book safe is made of a marbled cotton texture, so it feels just like a real book.  It measures 4.8 x 2.2 x 7.2 inches which is just a right size for a small book shelf.

Here's how it looks on my shelf.  It really blends in well.

If a burglar ever decides to break into our home, the only thing he'll see on the shelf is this little dictionary of no importance.  Even the plastic pages are aligned like a real book with not perfectly cut edges.

On the shelf, the Wholeness Home's book safe looks and feels like a real book.  It is not some cheap plastic safe.  It does look like the real thing!  Get it today at Amazon for the low price of $23.99, and start putting your valuable away in a safe place.

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